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NexBank Capital Sponsors The Byron Nelson

June 22, 2016

NexBank is continuing its sponsorship of the Byron Nelson in Dallas, and it is attaching its name to one of the biggest tournaments of the PGA season. Everyone who knows anything about golf knows that the Byron Nelson is a big deal, and they will be able to enjoy the tournament while seeing marketing for the bank. NexBank is one of the most versatile banks in its industry, and it is going to help people make sure that they can get all the services that they need. There are commercial and industrial banking services at NexBank Capitol, and these same services can be offered to investment or traditional banking customers.

Someone who comes to NexBank will be able to get the results they want pretty easily, and they can take out loans to finance their businesses or just to open a new account. They can start investing on their own with help from the bankers in the branch, and they will be able to create large investment portfolios that will change the way they manage their funds. People who take investing seriously will get a lot done at NexBank, and they will grow their nest eggs pretty easily.

Someone who is planning to make the most of their business can also get a loan at NexBank. NexBank can help finance a new phase of a business, get a business off the ground and make sure that the business has all the support that is required to have an effect on the community. NexBank is committed to making sure that the Dallas area is thriving, and they want to help all their customers get the results that they want. James Dondero and the Highland Capital Management team created NexBank to help everyone in Dallas who needs a few more financial services for business or the home.

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Fabletics Gets Its Feature In Marie Claire

June 21, 2016

Fabletics offers the best results for anyone who wants to dress in athleisure clothes, and it got its feature in Marie Claire at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/ that described how it set off the athleisure movement. Everyone has athleisure today, but it all started with Fabletics and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has been the perfect person to advocate for these kind of clothes, and that is because she is a working mom who is thinking of working moms instead of movie stars. She has to deal with her kids every day, and she is not the kind of person who wants to mess with her clothes all the time. She would rather dress in comfort, and that is where Fabletics came from.

Someone who wants to try athleisure will learn a lot because they are now able to get a few pieces of clothes to stick into their bags. They can pull out the items from Fabletics that they need the most, and then they can use those items to make their lives easier. It just makes more sense for a working and active woman to have clothes that are easy to deal with, and these women will find all the colors and styling they need. It looks really good when they are dressed up for the gym, but it still looks good when they throw on a top or just want to use a skirt to go out to lunch. See: https://twitter.com/fabletics

Kate Hudson is a very busy woman who wants to be able to leave her house in gym clothes in the morning to take her kids to school, but then she will continue her journey by changing perhaps more than once into different kinds of athleisure clothes from Fabletics before the day is over. She wants to make sure that she has the clothes she needs to run all her errands, and she also wants to make sure that she has chosen something that makes her look good. Fabletics has all the clothes that one woman needs, and she can pair that with a hat and some nice shoes to look like she just came off the runway.

Common Summer Myths and How JustFab Disproves Them

June 17, 2016

Love it or hate it, but summer is here for a little while, so you might as well enjoy it. A lack of confidence is the most common reason that women dislike summer, but the right outfit can undoubtedly work its magic, and have you become a summer fanatic in no time. JustFab is an online retailer that just released some jaw-dropping summer attire. Surely enough, this attire disproves some common summer myths often experienced by women.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Myth: If you are heavy, you cannot wear a bikini.

Truth: You know how you get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. Weight has nothing to do with wearing a two piece, and JustFab totally validated that with their release of some stunning swimwear. Highwaisted pieces, peplum tops, and cut-outs work well for women of all sizes, and they will look absolutely fierce while wearing them. The eye candy on the beach just doubled, thanks to this fashion brand.

Myth: Sandals are not dressy.

Truth: Maybe not the sandals those who started this rumor have seen, but JustFab has an entire line dedicated to dressy sandals. Gladiators, lace up shoes, and peep-toe pumps all equate to being dressy sandals. Throw in a rainbow of colors, and every outfit is ready to become dressy from head to certainly toe.

Myth: You have to put away your jeans in the summer.

Truth: Maybe traditional, heavy jeans designed for labor-intensive jobs might not be ideal for the hot summer temperatures, but JustFab has some jeans that look great, but that also keep you cool. A little cut out here, a rip over there, and you have some fashionable jeans that will catch those subtle summer breezes.

Myth: I dress casual, therefore, I cannot wear a dress.

Truth: The fashion industry has come a long way, and dresses are no longer limited to gowns or tube top, form-fitting pieces. Instead, fashion designers have gotten their inspiration to design dresses from the most casual item of them all: the t-shirt. Comfortable, t-shirt dresses are easy to slip on, adorable, and perfect for maintaining your laid back style. 

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New Innovative Data Tool Released for Correctional Facilities: THREADS 3.1

June 16, 2016

We all live in a “Big Data” world. It is a vital part of business and utilized in both public and private sectors–worldwide. I have read about a leading edge company who has been extremely successful in developing analytical tools for major industries and markets. Securus Technologies is a forerunner in advanced Big Data analytical tools.
One such industry where Big Data exists–and is in need of constant security–is Corrections. Correctional Facilities need to have the most updated tools to ensure quality performance, easy user ability, and accuracy. PR Newswire reports on an exciting new innovative data tool recently released to the Corrections market is called THREADS 3.1

I am impressed by THREADS 3.1, in that it has the power of HTML 5,which according to a PR Newswire study, was updated from the previous Silverlight system. The interface is easier to use and can be a great asset for correctional investigations. Securus‘ THREADS 3.1 has also made it possible for investigators to monitor inmates’ phone calls for any suspicious activity or illegal infractions. This I find to be one of the best qualities of the newly released analytical tool. Safety and security are paramount in the success of any Correctional Facility.

I found other valuable information at https://securustech.net/ and highly recommend others to educate themselves about the THREADS 3.1 tool and its many services that correctional departments utilize. For example, family or friends can visit inmates from home via video. There are also phone services,jail voicemail, and email accounts–all monitored with the help of the THREADS 3.1 software tool.

The range of positives are infinite. Especially, when you realize how important it is to manage Big Data. It is a task that Securus Technologies has mastered. Cruncbase.com applauds a company who can keep up with the demands of Big Data, ensuring major markets and industries can flourish and expand.

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The Benefits Of Using Get Your Wiki

June 15, 2016


For any business owner, it is crucial to make sure that you have a good marketing strategy. Online marketing is important for any business, nowadays. There are different parts of your online marketing strategy, and it can be good to incorporate Wikipedia into it. Additionally, it is wise for those running for office or engaged in other non-business related campaigns to make use of a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, and it contains information on a very wide range of different subjects. It is possible to create a Wikipedia page on anyone or anything, including businesses or the products of businesses.

However, it isn’t enough to simply have a Wikipedia page. It is important to have a Wikipedia page that makes your business stand out in a positive way. In order to do this, having a skilled professional writer design your page for you can be of tremendous help to your cause. One excellent source of professional Wikipedia writers is Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki offers services to businesses, campaigns, and other promotional causes. The writers at Get Your Wiki are also exceptionally skilled and very affordable.

Get Your Wiki has a very convenient website. If you go to the Get Your Wiki website, they make it possible to get in touch with the writers right on the homepage. This really sets apart Get Your Wiki from other services. Get Your Wiki will give you quotes within under one day. This kind of response time is truly exceptional, and it makes it possible to compare the services of different writers immediately. In order to get this information so quickly, just giving Get Your Wiki a valid email address, the page you wish to have written, and your full name is sufficient. No personal information needs to be exchanged when you inquire how to get on Wikipedia.

Furthermore, the professionals at Get Your Wiki know Wikipedia very well. They are skilled writers, but beyond that they are skilled Wikipedia editors. They are familiar with the policies and protocol of Wikipedia, and they use this knowledge to bolster the success when they make a Wikipedia page. They also are able to get your page in any language that you request. This can help to ensure the success of your site, because there are often readers that are non-English speakers. Furthermore, the writers at Get Your Wiki do not just create a Wikipedia page and then leave it. Instead, they keep track of any changes to your website. If any negative changes occur, they will correct the problem.


June 14, 2016

Laidlaw & Company Ltd’s focus for the past 170 years is on the financial needs of their clientele base around the world. However, Relmada says the investment services banker acted illegally and wants restitution. Laidlaw & CO Ltd. comes under fire.

According to a press release on January 16, 2016 Relmada Therapeutics wished to gain investors in their new product development and discussed this concept with the principals of Laidlaw in the spring of 2015. By April 2015 Chief Executive Officer Matthew D. Eitner and James Ahern, Head of Capital Markets, began introducing institutional investors to Relmada. However, by the end of summer 2015, Relmada Therapeutics was dissatisfied and didn’t like Laidlaw’s interactions with an investor that signed confidentiality. During this time their stocks dropped from $4.03 to $1.65 per share. Angered, Relmada enacted a restraining order against the company and are requesting payment for monetary damages.

By law, Schedule 13D must be filed within 10 days when a company changes share investments or voting power. Thus, on October 21, 2015 Laidlaw & CO filed Schedule 13D with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Relmada claims this disclosed confidential information and interfered with their efforts to raise capital from investors. Supposedly, past disgruntled customer cases solidifies their claim.

I think Laidlaw principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern acted just as they were asked to do. Investors need only to see financial statements, an executive summary and a company’s mission statement. Financials reveal what an investor needs to know. If these investors were stockholders and found weaknesses in Relmada financial statements, they sold their stock. It’s an action that signals trouble to other stockholders.

To the detriment of their shareholders, Relmada wanted to keep their financial challenges quiet. Seeking funds backfired and their recourse is to blame Laidlaw principals.

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Serial Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah And His Boutique Firm, Solo Capital

June 12, 2016

Solo Capital is a global firm that provides specialized financial services. It was formed by Sanjay Shah and incorporated in 2011. Solo Capital is based in London, England. The boutique firm focuses on three critical areas of its business. That includes professional sports investment that constitutes asset & performance management, commercial advisory, and talent acquisition. Proprietary trading entails FX, derivatives, and commodities. Its consulting division deals with investment, human capital, and performance.

The firm also uses other names apart from Solo Capital. That is Solo Capital Limited and in some cases Solo Capital UK. It is run by Solo Group Holdings. Sanjay Shah is the owner of Aesa S.a.r.l that manages Solo Group Holdings. The company had a cash flow of £ 30.26 million, assets of £67.45 million, and a net worth of £15.45 million by March 2015. Solo Capital has an experienced team of professionals. The team offers premier solutions that are matched with a commendable client service. They do that in all the firm’s business divisions.

About Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is a well known British businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is the proprietor of Aesa S.a.r.l that runs Solo Group Holdings, the parent company of Solo Capital Markets. The British millionaire manages several other businesses within London, Dubai, and The British Virgin Islands. He also has other ventures in The Cayman Islands, Malta, and Luxembourg. Sanjay Shah took over Old Park Lane in 2014. At first, he did not venture out into the business world. Sanjay Shah trained as a doctor in school. He had stints in multiple investment banks before creating his company. These financial institutions include Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, as well as Credit Suisse.

He formed a brokerage firm after it became difficult to find work. The 2009 financial difficulties rendered him redundant. Few years down the line, he has made Solo Capital a renowned financial institution with a strong international presence. In 2011, Sanjay Shah formed Autism Rocks, a foundation with a mission to collect funds for research on the condition. He created the foundation after Autism was detected in his youngest son.


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Five reasons to love JustFab

May 31, 2016

One of my favorite summer shopping sites this season is JustFab. Do you ever find it hard to find clothes that fit your personal style? JustFab makes shopping a personalized experience. You start off by taking a style quiz that gets a feel of your style. Then, you’re able to get a personalized boutique with incredible fashion finds that fit your style and budget. Here are the top five reasons I love JustFab: http://www.justfab.com/summer-shop.htm
1. Free shipping and exchanges:

One of the most frustrating parts of shopping online can be paying for shipping and not being able to exchange items. JustFab offers free shipping and allows you to send items back. It’s free, easy, and quick. All orders are guaranteed to arrive within 7-10 business days, meaning you can get your items quick and hassle free.  More can read at https://www.linkedin.com/company/justfab and http://thecurvyfashionista.com/2016/04/just-fab-plus-size-collection/

2. They make style personal:

Shopping on JustFab feels like a very personal experience. They understand your style and personality. The monthly closet is based off of your survey and gives you a variety of items within your style. You don’t need to shop at several different stores, you can find everything you love in your own personalized shop.

3. VIP prices:

According to JustFab.com, JustFab has the best selection of new styles and trends. The best part? the prices! You pay a monthly fee and get the best deals around for the hottest styles.Plus, members get access to private sales, events, and freebies.

4. Amazing customer service:

Have a problem with an item, or need some help ordering a specific item? The JustFab team is quick, responsive, and helpful. They put the customer first and understand your needs. You won’t be disappointed with how they treat their members.

5. Styling by celebrities and designers:

JustFab has an in-house design team that creates handmade pieces for their members. Every style is created in their L.A office – starting with a sketch and turning into a masterpiece. Knowing your items are hand made and designed with you in mind make JustFab more than just an ordinary shopping experience. Plus, you have access to professional stylists that help you look your best.

Laidlaw and Company: Good Company To Keep

May 27, 2016

When it comes to your money and investing it, you have to make smart decisions and decisions that will set you and your family up for the future. If you are unprepared for the future, you might find yourself in a bad situation. When it comes to Laidlaw and Company, you can rest easy knowing you are working with a team of professionals that has your best interests in mind. They will not rest or stop until you get what is rightfully yours. They are good company to keep as they are honest, trustworthy, loyal, and they go above and beyond the call of duty to get results.

They are a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm and they offer a personal touch, which is rare to find in today’s world. They are more than just a firm you work with, they are more like friends and family. They simplify everything for you to make sure you are comfortable with all of your decisions and they don’t rush you into anything that you aren’t comfortable with. That is not what they are about, at all. James Ahern about making sure you understand what you are getting involved in and you feel safe and secure.

When it comes down to it, there is only company to work for and that is Laidlaw & Company. They are the company that has a reputation that is second to none. No matter if you are a private and public institution or a high net worth individual investor, they will work with you and set you up perfectly. This is what they do and is what they excel at. Nothing is too big or too small for them, and they can handle it confidently and with complete and utter ease. Nothing overwhelms them or makes them flustered. This is the team you want in your corner.

Doe Deere on Realizing Dreams

May 25, 2016


Doe Deere has gone on an interview in which she talks about bringing dreams to reality. The truth is that while a lot of people have dreams, not so many succeed in bringing them to life. Often times, this results in the idea of realistic vs unrealistic dreams. Often times, people have unconventional dreams. The way to achieve those dreams must also be less than conventional This is exactly what happened with Doe Deere. Her dreams and road to success has been described as less than conventional. From being born in Russia, to living in L.A. Doe Deere has learned some very important lessons that helped her achieve her goals.

Doe Deere has started out with big dreams which included being a musician. She has pursued those dreams and has learned a lot about success. One thing she has learned is to be appreciative of people that show up to her concert. She eventually made a career change to makeup and beauty. She sees that as a beautiful thing, and there is plenty of good reason for that too. For one thing, the career of makeup centers around beauty and helping people discover and cultivate their own beauty. This is part of what makes her very successful as a business owner and beauty guru.

Another thing that made it easier for her to achieve success was that she has been an entrepreneur at a very young age. She has started as young as 13 with her first successful business. What she sold back then were temporary tattoos. One very large aspect of her career was that she enjoyed what she was doing, and this is a large part of success. Very few people get to achieve true success with enjoyment. Also, if people enjoy what they do, they’ll be more likely to make it further in their pursuits. Doe Deere has definitely made it pretty far in everything that she went after. As a result, she made a name for herself and gained the attention and admiration of others.

Read the interview here: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true&slide=8