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Eric Pulier Created Enterprise Technology for Us

October 28, 2016

We were not the first people to use enterprise technology, but we were the first to use it successfully. We wanted to be sure that we could get the information to our employees that we needed to, and then we can talk to people on our staff easily through their phones. We had so much more access to the information that was needed for our staff, and we were doing this very early on unlike other companies. We also wanted to make sure that we could update ourselves more than other companies. We thought that we had to do something to help people, and then we needed to be sure that we could keep up to date with what Eric Pulier did.

Eric Pulier still works in this kind of technology today, and he has been very good to us over the years. This has gotten better over the years because Eric Pulier has upgraded the technology, and I want to be sure that I can get something that will change my life. I know that I can get my business to be more efficient, and I also know that I can do things that will make my job easier.

The connection of all our cell phones to one network has made it much easier for us to get the help that we need, and we are trying to be sure that we can keep working on more and more advanced kinds of technology with Eric Pulier. He has been the best thing that happened to our business, and I know that we are not the only people who are going to be able to benefit. I want to benefit from the technology that Eric Pulier created, and I hope that he can keep advancing as much as possible in the future.

More about Eric Pulier: http://ericpulier.com

Town Residential New Offices

October 27, 2016

Town Residential is a residential brokerage founded in the year 2010. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger who has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company since it started operating. Town Residence has been experiencing rapid growth. Just recently, the company announces that it will be opening another office in the meatpacking district. Since the company started operations six years ago, it has opened ten offices in Manhattan. In the new office, the brokers are expected to take their clients to the High Line to make appointments. The new office will also bring easy access to the customers.


Town Residential has been making super deals. It has leased a 1,100 square-feet space; an entire second floor of 446 W. 14th ST. The leasing deal was to last for 15 years. The leased spaced has 16-foot ceilings and the party who has leased the space also has access to the private deck on top of the three-storey building. According to the Andrew Heiberger, the building is an icon of the Town Residence Brand. The rented space is also designed to charm the brokers in the residential industry as well.


The building has e set aside for brokerage center for high-end sales.

One of the key thing that differentiates the Town Residence from other brokerage firms in the market is that Town Residence provides an outdoor space for brokers where they can meet and interact and also share ideas. Agents can also use the space to meet with their clients and carry out business. This has made Town Resident standout as one of the most classy and exclusive brokerage firm in the industry.


According to Andrew Heiberger, the boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram that concentrates on sales in the West Village will join Town Residence and move to the new Meatpacking District branch. The new spaces are also expected to hold even the Town Resident small office, which is located at 45 Horatio St. in the west village. The area in which the building is located has become the heart of the city’s most beautiful residential neighborhoods. The area has been growing daily having more and more condo buildings being built in the park.


According to Heiberger, the area has the most beautiful neighborhood in the region, and the office’s building stands in the middle of the neighborhood. Heiberger also said that the Town Resident’s staff would take care of the markets from TriBeCa up to Hudson Yards. A few months ago, Town Resident had opened a new office in another high profile location. The office serves as the company’s headquarters. The location is Greenwich Village east of Union Square. Town Resident parent investor owns the building; Thor Equities.


Wen By Chaz Makes All Women Look Great

October 18, 2016

Wen by Chaz has been the perfect shampoo for women who are looking for something special, and they will find out that they can make their hair look more special than it ever has before. They will be able to make their hair start to get thicker, and they will get their hair to be shiny probably for the first time in a long time. The shiny hair that a woman is looking for is something that she has to make sure that she can get over and over, and the only way to make sure that she has options to use Wen by Chaz every day.

There has been a lot of talk about how Wen by Chaz can help people, and it is very important for people to remember that they can get their hair to do anything that they want when they are using this shampoo. There are lot of things that people have to deal with when they are trying to get their hair to do the right thing, and they are usually too tired of their hair to do anything more than what they are doing now. The best thing that can be done is to make sure that a woman is able to use just a few drops of shampoo like with Wen by Chaz.

The Wen by Chaz shampoo makes a woman’s hair have more body, and it helps them to style it once they are done washing it. They have to be able to use something that will make them look that much better, and they have to be sure that they are using it as often as they can. There are a lot of options once a woman starts using Wen by Chaz, and she will finally be happy with her hair. Need Wen hair care? Order today on Sephora cosmetics or online via eBay or guthy-renker.com.


Check out the Wen facebook page and twitter(https://twitter.com/wenhaircare) for more info..

George Soros Raises his Campaign Donation Profile

October 15, 2016

In an unanticipated move, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has committed over $25 million in new campaign donations. The move is likely to ruffle feathers, especially on the opposing side of the political divide because the last time Soros spend big in politics was in 2004 when he donated over $25 million in a campaign to beat President George W. Bush. According to news feature published by Politico, Soros, billionaire has so far offered Hillary Clinton’s campaign some $25 million. Soros has a long established relationship with Clinton. He told Politico that he would attend the Democratic presidential convention slated for July 25 to 28 to support her candidature. Aides close to Soros say his latest money moves are inspired by several factors; key among them, fear of the GOP nominee for president, Donald Trump and his belief in Hillary Clinton.

Democratic Party finance chiefs on nytimes.com see the latest push by Soros as a sign of big things to come. They believe the move will have a follow-on effect that would see the other rich donors chip in to support the party candidates. Indeed, information obtained from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indicates that the money offered by Soros has also gone to several Democratic candidates and caucuses. The other political interest groups that have benefited from Soros largesse include American Bridge 21st Century, and two huge Super PACs, Immigrant Voters Win and Priorities USA which supports Clinton on wsj.com. These interest groups and political action groups have so far received a total of $14 million in donations and commitments from Soros. The other donors who have written big checks to the Democratic Party and its causes include staunch liberal elites on cnbc.com like Tom Steyer and Don Sussman, who have donated $31 million and $13 million respectively.

About George Soros
George Soros, 86 is globally renowned self-made billionaire and savvy investor. His net worth is currently estimated at $26 billion. According to Biography.com, Soros took a huge leap in life when he sailed to New York in 1956 after graduating from LSE, the London School of Economics, where he obtained his BSc and Masters in Philosophy. In New York, he immediately took a job at a small brokerage firm called F.M. Mayer. Several years later Soros established his flagship firm, Soros Fund, which he later named Quantum Fund Endowment. Soros made headlines in 1992, when he profited heavily from his smart reading of the UK currency crisis. On the philanthropic front, Soros established the Open Society Foundations (OSF) in 1979 to advance several causes that he deeply cares about, such as education, business development, justice and public health. According to Georgesoros.com, OFS operates in over 100 countries. The foundation recorded a net expenditure exceeding $800 million in 2011.

ClassDojo Creates a Community in Schools

October 5, 2016

Dianne Rhodes, popularly known as Mrs. Rhodes by her students has been using the ClassDojo application for three years now. The application is easy to use, and it has completely changed the way she teaches or communicates with the parents. The application was founded several years ago, and it connects teachers, students, and parents.
According to Mrs. Rhodes, the parents using the app have proved to like the pictures posted and whatever happens in school. The application has been of great assistance, especially during the first days of school, and when a special art project is taking place. Rhodes has been teaching at Bel Aire School, California, and she says that using the app has created a community. The parents get excited watching whatever is happening in the classroom, even in their absence.

ClassDojo was founded in the year 2011, and it has spread to classrooms in the United States and other parts of the globe. Although most people believe that classrooms should only have papers, whiteboards, and pencils, the new application has changed their mindsets. The application was designed using the latest technology and offers the support needed to make classroom moments enjoyable.

The CEO of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary believes that if people can successfully shift everything that happens in the classes, then the education offered at the schools will change completely. The mobile application is very similar to the dark lavender Facebook.

The teachers are allowed to post pictures about the lessons they taught, and the parents have an opportunity to comment or like them. Just recently, ClassDojo decided to borrow a special feature from Snapchat. The new feature introduced Student Stories, where the students can post their photos or videos about their activities in school.

Since its introduction in the market, the application has created a positive culture at school. The teachers are now able to encourage the students in their skills and values. The students can be encouraged to be kind, work hard or help others, thanks to the application. The new app also gives the students a voice. It is now easy for students using the app to showcase and also share their learning experiences at their portfolios. The parents, on the other hand, will share special classroom moments. They will get engaged in the activities by seeing the photos and videos posted by the teachers. They will also have an opportunity to like or leave comments.

Balancing Work and Family Dr. Waldren

September 29, 2016

In a society that values beauty, non-invasive procedures, like laser, botox, and peels have become popular. The standard of drastic change is still surgery. Breast augmentation, face lifts, and liposuction are among the surgeries that can bring about the drastic change many seek. It is not surprise that when Harper’s Bazaar put together a list of the most sought after plastic surgeons that Dr. Jennifer Waldren was on it.

The Texas beauty has always wanted to work in the medical field. With a father, who is a dentist, and mother, who is a nurse, she learned from an early age about the hard work and care it took to work with patients. She earned both her BS and MD from University of Texas and she completed her residency from there. She earned a fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital where she studied under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She stayed in Manhattan and built a practice for seven and a half years. Texas was where her heart was, and when she decided to have kids, she moved home.

After the birth of her twin sons, she moved home to be close to family. She built her practice back and balanced family and work successfully. Dr. Waldren is a commentator on multiple shows, ABC News, Fox News, Dr. 90210. She has co-authored a textbook. She is on the board of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors. Her active dedication to excelling at her career and balancing her children shows she is a woman who has found that balance. In a male dominated field, she truly has proven herself.

Seattle Genetics: A Leader in the Development of Antibody-Drug Conjugate

September 27, 2016

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that develops and commercializes monoclonal antibody-based therapies to treat cancer, autoimmune ailments, and other acute medical conditions. The biotechnology company is an industry leader in developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), a technology used to harness the targeting capability of monoclonal antibodies to inject cell-killing agents to cancer cells.

The biotechnology company has three platform technologies namely; antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy (ADEPT), engineered monoclonal antibodies, and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Seattle Genetics has created a diverse portfolio of products aimed at treating many types of cancers and is still making significant research activities to advance its ADC technology. Currently, the firm has more than 20 ADCs in clinical development phase.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

To commercialize its products to a wider market, Seattle Genetics has agreements for their ADC technology with several pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. The companies include Eos Biotechnology, Celldex Therapeutics, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline LLC, Celltech Group, Genencor International, Medarex and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Additionally, the firm has partnership agreements with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company previously known as Millennium to develop and commercialize ADCETRIS. The partnership has made ADCETRIS a global brand that is used in more than 60 countries.

Under Clay Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has been successful in its efforts to develop advanced cancer treatment therapies. Dr. Siegall is the co-founder, president, chief executive officer and chairperson of the Seattle’s board. He has played an integral part in transforming the biotechnology company from a start-up to a publicly-traded company with an extensive pipeline of monoclonal antibody-based products.

Clay Siegall has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. In 1988, Dr. Siegall started his career at the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health. Later in 1991, he worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute until 1997 when he co-founded Seattle Genetics.

Ricardo Tosto: Starting from the Bottom

September 24, 2016

When it comes to business success, it is very important for people to be willing to start from the bottom. However, some people get too ambitious for their own gain. As a result, they wind up falling away from their field. Among the fields that people could either fall away or climb to the top is the attorney of law field. The one thing that it takes to climb all the way to the top is to really have a desire to serve others in the field. For instance, lawyers have to desire to actually represent their client in the courtroom so that they will win the case.

Ricardo Tosto is someone who has risen all the way to the top from the bottom. He has started off as someone that was working for another law firm. He has found something that he was passionate other than himself. His passion was making sure that his clients get what was due for them. Since he was passionate about that, he has worked very intensely towards that goal. For one thing, he has even went above and beyond what he needed to do in order to get all of the facts to present them to the courts.

Due to his success, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has branched out and started his own firm. His success has given him enough capital in order to put together his own firm and his own team. As with other companies, he needed marketing in order to spreead awareness of his company. Fortunately, his reputation was there to help him gain the clients he needed so that he can bring in the business needed to succeed. In his mind, the most important thing is giving great representation to his clients, gaining money for the case is only a bonus.

All you Need to Know about HRF Leader, Thor Halvorssen

September 23, 2016

Thor Halvorssen is a successful lawyer and the president of an international organization known as the Human Rights Foundation. The international organization is headquartered in New York, and its primary objective is to protect human life all over the world. Thor Halvorssen is currently thirty-nine years old, and he has achieved a lot in his career. He launched HRF in 2005, and he has helped many individuals get freedom in different parts of the world.

Halvorssen was born and brought up in a place known as Caracas. He is half Venezuelan and half Norwegian. Both is parents are descendants of heads of state. One of his grandfathers was serving as a king’s consul during the Second World War. His mother was a descendant of Cristobal Mendoza, the first president of Venezuela.  Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.linkedin.com/in/halvorssen

The New York has a lot of knowledge in human rights, and most of the individuals who know him say that this knowledge is not theoretical. Several years ago, Thor’s father was tortured and mistreated in one prison found in Caracas. This is because he exposed some corruption in government when he was working as a drug czar.

Leopoldo López, one of his first cousins, was a strong challenger of Chavista regime. This system did not come to an end, even when its leader passed away. Up to date, Leopoldo is a political prisoner, and he is held in a Venezuelan jail. However, Thor has decided to be different from other human rights activists, who play the sad sack. Whenever he is making a speech, he doesn’t emit any bitter words or show weariness. He doesn’t pretend like most of his colleagues who claim to love humanity but hate the people.

According to what The Atlantic and Weekly Standard said, Thor has proved that he loves human beings. Most of the people he loves most are defectors and dissidents, the few freedom troublemakers who always blow the whistle on authoritarians and at the same time stand against the tyranny.

Most of the people he appoints to serve in the Human Rights Foundation are individuals who have worked to change the society. Under his leadership, the international organization has helped many people from all parts of the globe.

Dick DeVos Journeys into the “Spirit” World

September 14, 2016

Former Amway/Alticor CEO Dick DeVos is moving into a new consumer field, liquor. Recently, the owner of the Windquest Group, an investment management firm, began the process to acquire Coppercraft Distillery. The company is barely three years old, opened in late 2013 by Walter Canton III in Holland Township, Michigan. Since that time, Coppercraft has sold whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka to one hundred locations in Michigan, as well as other businesses in Colorado and Illinois. The deal came as Canton sought out investors for the expansion of operations at his 9,000 square foot distillery and tasting room. Along with aged spirits, Coppercraft is also churning out handcrafted beer and wine.


Born in 1955 in Grand Rapids, Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway, which sells numerous health, beauty, and home care products. He attended Northwood University, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later, he attended the Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of Business, but did not graduate from either institution. Dick DeVos worked his way up through the ranks of Amway, eventually becoming vice president and helping increase the company’s overseas sales. He went on to head the expansion Orlando Magic of the NBA before returning to Amway in 1993 as President, then creating Windquest Group.


Outside of business, DeVos served briefly on the Michigan State Board of Education and ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 2006. Through his philanthropic endeavors, DeVos has donated millions to education programs and scholarships, as well as the arts and anti-pollution efforts.