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Chris Burch Explains How Fashion and Technology are Inseparable

March 27, 2017

In the 70s the boom box, with its two cassette decks, allowed people to carry around their favorite music, and listen to their favorite stations. Later in the 90s, the walkman was introduced and became popular for its personalized music experience. A decade later, the iPod came and this advanced the concept of personalized music. As the years go by, it is difficult to tear apart fashion and technology. Advancement of technology is dependent on what people consider to be fashionable.



The Workings of Fashion and Technology



Fashions are advanced by technology in different ways. For example, bike protection is a form of technology that has become fashionable. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt developed a system that a cyclist can wear around their neck. The cyclist’s air bag emerges from the cyclist neck when they are involved in an accident. The air bag protects the cyclist’s head from impact. There is also technology used by firefighters that has become fashionable. The Frontline Gloves were created by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. These gloves make it easier for fire fighter to communicate during rescue mission through the use of hand gestures.



Technology can also be advanced using recycled materials to create something fashionable. SegraSegra created t-shirts and jackets from recycled bicycle tubes. Emma Whiteside recycled radiator copper to design a large gown.



Technology and fashion can also be used to create energy. Because movement can be changed to electrical energy, clothing can capture the energy and power things like watches, mp3s and so on. Soledad Martin is developing a shoe design that allows one to charge their phone while on the move.



Technology Relies on Fashion



In some cases, technology relies on fashion. For example, many people are not intrigued about wearing glasses. Therefore, when Google Glass was created, only computer geeks, and a few people who appreciate technology showed interest. However, when Diane Von Furstenberg, a renowned fashion designer hosted a fashion show in which her models wore Google Glasses, the technology went viral.



About Christopher Burch



Christopher Burch founded Burch Creative Capital. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital and has been active as an investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years. Burch is the brains behind many luxury and technology brands including, Jawbone, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Poppin. Burch formerly worked as a board member for the Continuum Group and Guggdenheim Capital.



Burch’s ventured into entrepreneurship when he was in college. Amid his great prosperity, Burch always remembers to give back to the society. He has been involved in various philanthropic activities, most notably at the Sumba Foundation, Mt Sinai Hospital, The Child Welfare League (China), and the China Association of Social Work.


Ushealth Group Modernizing Insurance

March 25, 2017

USHEALTH Group, Inc previously known as Ascent Assurance, Inc is an American company that provides a wide range of individual health insurance products including, life policies, health insurance, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance, dental covers and fixed indemnity medical insurance among other related products to entrepreneurs. It has an employee base of between 500 to 1000 employees.

USHEALTH Group insurance has been in the health insurance industry for over 50 years proving to be America’s choice in protecting families by providing reliable, reasonably priced and innovative plans through its subsidiary companies. They do this with a mission of Helping Other People Everyday acronym as “HOPE”. USHEALTH Group, Inc distributes its products through agents who are contracted by the management through a process that is just and reliable. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and is parent to Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company.

USHEALTH advisors is a child company charged with guiding clients to ensure that they get unmatched experience in insurance and get the right products to meet their needs during this era of multifaceted health insurance products. The USHEALTH advisors act through agents who are licensed and reliable and have been trained to meet required standards to advise and sell insurance products. What makes USHEALTH advisors unique is their specifically tailored attention that they offer to clients and this has contributed immensely to their growth in market share in the recent past.

USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries work with two basic guiding principles one being that every customer has unique needs and that one general product to meet all these needs might not exist. With this, they have innovatively come up with a boutique of products to ensure that each client has options to pick from in a bid to satisfy their unique needs. These products have also been reasonably priced and made readily available. This has made the group to receive several recognitions; one for their customer care with provides experience to customers that is next to non other. They have also received an elite ranking for customer service in America and ranked top notch in 50 North American Call Center in 2013 and highest ranking with Better Business Bureau.

Recently, the group also received honors in the esteemed One Planet Awards as the winners of Company of the Year under the category Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance. The Awards is given to appreciate business and professional radiance in different industry from around the world. The company’s President and CEO, Troy McQuagge spoke during the award, acknowledging that it was overwhelming to be recognized one of the winners of the award. He confesses that it demonstrates that excellence in business doesn’t just come, it is earned.

EOS Lip Balm Success in the Lip Balm Market.

March 23, 2017

For an extended period of time, the lip balm market was prevailed by very few brands that have all been around. For many years, the brands have been unchallenged and unchanged. About seven years ago, a new brand of lip balm was established and appeared on the shelves in Walgreens and other stores with the name EOS (Evolution of Smooth). The brand became the alternative of the younger generation users and speedily took off. Currently, the brand outsells one of the skin care industry’s giant Chapstick.

The EOS lip balm was formulated and marketed by a strong team that included players from both the startup and the corporate worlds. The team having an interview with the Fast Company realized that women were the high purchasers of lip balm than men did. In most cases, women did not care about the products they were purchasing and also did not have more of brand loyalty. The clinical taste in Chapstick and the other main brands made their users to dislike them and felt that the lip balm products they used and viewed the use as being clinical.

Consequently, EOS lip balm, made an eye-catching sphere shaped product that slides on the lips in a sensual manner. Its development was experienced with a lot of care to capture the sound of the sphere’s closure and please the senses. The first major chain to put the EOS lip balm product on the shelves was Walgreens, followed by Target, then by other stores. Sephora finally produced their neutralizing lip balm.

Through the support put behind EOS by celebrities like Taylor Swift, pushed to its success though it was more due than the endorsement from a few famous personalities. The firm has an extensive combination of creative and intelligent product development, research activities and advertisement campaigns from social media, especially on Facebook. This has considerably helped the product to thrive in the market, which was widely considered off limits to anything newly established.



Wengie Hair Video

March 21, 2017

Wengie has certainly made a very impressive name for herself on YouTube. In fact, the Wengie channel is one of the most popular channels on the YouTube site. The channel attracts millions of views and has million of followers. The creator of the channel is a marketing genius. In fact, she left a successful marketing career to devote all her time to making videos on YouTube about various beauty topics. Wengie states that she never imagined that her videos would explode and attract so many viewers. One of her favorite topics is hair.


Australia’s Top Asian Beauty Channel

The Australian-Chinese Beauty Blogger and YouTube star shares a lot of wonderful information in this YouTube video about bleaching your hair without damaging your hair. Bleaching is a quick way of lightening the hair and getting that sun streaked look or something that is a bit more dramatic. Bleaching is dramatic and it probably looks great. However, most of us are still concerned about damaging the hair. Take a look at Wengie’s Blue Hair Bleaching Tutorial for some interesting tips about bleaching without damaging your hair. In this video, Wengie shares her hair bleaching stories, while wearing the coolest kind of pastel blue hair color.


The Video

The video is just a bit over eight minutes long. Therefore, it is an easy video to sit down and watch during a break at work or any time that you are in the mood to learn some interesting facts about bleaching without damaging your hair. The blue hair color actually looks very good on Wengie. This is a cute, but really edgy look that a lot of girls and guys are probably interested in recreating for their own personal look. Make sure that you check out this interesting video for more details.


Battle Fighter Eric Lefkofsky

March 10, 2017

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in September 1969 and may be best known as the co-founder and chairman of Groupon. But there is so much more to his story! Educated at the University of Michigan, where he obtained both his bachelor’s degree plus his Juris doctor, his estimated net worth exceeds $1.7 billion. While at the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky began selling carpet and after law school in 1993, he purchased Brandon Apparel. From there, his story increases good impressions via his expert technological knowledge and experience.

Following a healthy list of added accomplishments, in 2016 he co-founded Tempus and today serves as the chief executive officer. He also has seats on numerous boards and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago. Certainly, known as a technological giant, Eric is a major player in the race to cure cancer and has committed millions of dollars to the effort.

Tempus is in Chicago and functions to work with the medical industry to help doctors become increasingly better equipped to more quickly assess information that will guide them to make the most effective treatment decisions. The organization accomplishes this lofty goal by creating a database that stores and analyzes medical information and produces material that allows the physician to assess potential treatment options and the implications associated with each treatment. Initially, Tempus appeared to be operating “under cover” and in the background until September 2016 when Eric announced the partnership with Northwestern University. Other partners include such esteemed institutions as The Mayo Clinic and Penn Medicine. Eric is helping the world by using ever improving technological advancements to research, test and treat patients.

At start up, Tempus was working with pancreatic, breast, and lung cancers; however, adding more types of cancer is in our future. While the company’s name may or may not be traced to any meaning, in mythology, the name “Tempus” is also known as the “Lord of Battles” and was the god of war. Considering the world’s growing fight against the deadly disease, it was a great name choice. His LinkedIn profile says it best. Eric specializes in “turning the conventional business into e-enabled business with technology serving as a catalyst to revolutionize the conventional business process.” Thank you, Eric, for your expertise and support of this disease that has adversely touched so many lives.

In 2006, Eric and his wife Elizabeth also created the Lefkofsky Foundation to support charities, scientific efforts, educational organizations and other worldwide causes. The foundation has helped to fund over 50 organizations thus far with a focus on children.


Susan McGalla Uses Her Business Skills In Order To Influence Industries

March 9, 2017

Susan McGalla is someone who has a lot of good business skills that are helpful towards her making the needed profits in order to get her business to higher levels of success. One of the industries that she has had a lot of influence in is the fashion industry. She has used her own form of marketing in order to get people to buy products from American Eagle Outfitters. As a result, the business she has worked for has grown in order to include more lines of clothing. She has grown the company in order to include clothing for women and children.


Susan is not only passionate, but she is also very friendly. After all, it takes friendliness to get people to buy products. One also has to be sympathetic to a cause that the customer is passionate about. Susan McGalla knows what audience she wants to reach. She also knows how to reach the audience so that they will be willing to buy the products. For one thing, she understands that it is not just the product, but also the purpose behind the product. Therefore, she does everything she can in order to address the purpose to the customer so that they will be encouraged to buy the product.


Susan McGalla currently works with the Pittsburg Steelers with her marketing firm. It is the people with the marketing skills that are going to make a huge impact in business. With marketing, it is simply enough to make people aware of the company and the products that are being offered. However, there is an extra art that Susan McGalla applies to her marketing in order to connect with people who are very interested in the type of life that could come with products like what is being offered from Susan McGalla’s company.

Be sure to click this important link.

How one New Jersey dentist changed sleep medicine

March 4, 2017

Avi Weisfogel was always interested in the power of medical innovation to change people’s lives. By the time he was in high school, he knew that the medical profession was his calling. After graduating from the New York School of Dentistry, Weisfogel quickly established his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental.

Over the next decade, Dr. Avi Weisfogel put in long hours, building his practice into one of the most prominent dental offices in Central New Jersey. Despite the enormous amount of time that his duties as head of a thriving dental office demanded, Dr. Weisfogel still found time to pursue his passion, medical research.

Over time, it became clear to Weisfogel that dentists’ talents were not being fully taken advantage of. He knew that, for many patients, the likelihood of seeing a dentist over any given time span was far greater than seeing their general physician. While routine checkups and other mundane medical appointments can be pushed back indefinitely if the patient so chooses, things like chipped teeth, cavities or abscessed molars are impossible to ignore. For this reason, dentists are often the ones in a position to diagnose diseases of the head, neck and mouth area before any other medical professional sees the patient.

Weisfogel continued researching in which diseases patients may benefit the most from early diagnosis. He learned that among undertreated or underdiagnosed diseases, sleep apnea is one of the most insidious, with both high mortality and high morbidity in its late stages. Unfortunately, most people are diagnosed with sleep apnea only after symptoms become overt. This is usually in the late stages of the disease, when treatments are least likely to have a large effect.

Having recognized the menace posed by sleep apnea and the unique prospects dentists presented to diagnose and treat it, Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, a company dedicated to teaching dentists how to recognize and treat sleep apnea. DSM’s seminars and courses became an almost instant success. Many dentists were so successful integrating sleep medicine into their dental practices that they quit traditional dentistry altogether.

To date, Dental Sleep Masters has taught hundreds of dentists the methods of treating sleep apnea and has changed the paradigm of both dentistry and sleep medicine throughout the country.


Bruno Fagali of Fagali Advocacy

February 28, 2017

Law is one field that requires a lot of reading and experience for you to be good at it. Unlike most careers, a good lawyer is self-made. You have to be willing to go through five years of University and them read some more to enhance various skills that will go a long way in your law career. Talking about the finest lawyers in Brazil, Bruno Fagali is one of them. He works for his company, Fagali Advocacy, which he founded last year. Fagali Associates is quickly making a reputation for itself. It specializes in anti-corruption matters, civil, administrative, liability and contract law. With the contacts that Fagali already has, Fagali Advocacy is destined for nothing but greatness.

Simultaneously, Fagali works for Nova/bs. Nova/bs has for the longest time been considered to be among the leading companies in the country. They are contracted by international companies including WHO. Fagali is the integrity corporate manager at the company. He is responsible for fine-tuning the company’s systems so that they are never on the wrong side of the law.

Fagali is a genius in both compliance and legal representation matters. He has previously worked for compnies such as the Getulio Vargas Foundation, The Brazilian Society of Public Law and Administrative Law Paulista. He served these Sao Paulo based companies as an internist before getting his first serious law job at the Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. He worked there for two years before deciding to build his own company.

Pursuing law for Fagali was driven by the desire to help people. He had always been keen on charity work. Even as a student at the University of Sao Paulo, he was entrusted with many responsibilities including leading study groups. Fagali then studies law at PUC, before furthering his studies in administrative and public civil law.

George Soros Extends His Commitment To Refugees

February 26, 2017

One of the major donors to the Democratic Party on discoverthenetworks.org, George Soros, has done much over the course of his life in a bid to make sure the correct level of social justice is available to all. Soros has wanted to use his vast wealth from the establishment of his Soros Fund Management hedge fund that has allowed the Hungarian born former refugee to help develop the cause of democracy in areas of the world where individuals are often trapped living under tyrants and dictators; Soros has even looked to the U.S. where his support of a Super PAC mobilizing Hispanic voters for various elections on Forbes has reached more than $3 million.

In his philanthropic work, which is largely completed through the New York based Open Society Foundations, George Soros looks to have a major impact on the lives of millions of people who are struggling under various oppressive regimes. This dedication is often linked back to the early life of Soros in Hungary where his Jewish background made him a target for occupying Nazi forces who were looking to deport followers of Judaism; the Soros family were saved through the extensive plans of George’s father on Investopedia, but following the arrival of Communism in postwar Hungary the young George Soros set out on a refugee journey that would take him to London and later New York.

Philosopher Karl Popper is one of the major influences on George Soros after the young refugee studied under Popper at the London School of Economics while also working as a porter and waiter to pay for his studies. The Open Society Foundations has done a large amount of good in many areas of the world where George Soros has been a consistently important figure for those who are hoping to learn about and live under a democratic government. As a former refugee, George Soros understands the issues facing this varies group of people and has been working in many different areas in a bid to extend his reach into their lives. The recent move of George Soros to pledge $500 million to companies and business ideas of refugees around the world shows how he hopes to make it easier for those arriving in new countries to make a positive impact on their local communities; with an estimated personal fortune of over $25 billion George Soros is looking to use his finances and importance for more than just personal gain.

Texas Fortune 500 Companies Drive Economy

February 23, 2017

“Build it and they will come” was the slogan for the Field of Dreams movie. In the Lone Star State, the motto might be, “Provide a business-friendly environment and companies will relocate.” Fortune 500 companies are beating down the door to relocate to Texas.

“Give Us Jobs”

Every state of the union has its own special economic advantages. For Texas, it has been endowed with an abundance of energy resources. But, even the petroleum industry has its ups-and-downs.

Thankfully, the leaders of the great State of Texas have diversified their economy to ensure that it is a very business-friendly climate during all economic circumstances. This has led to Fortune 500 firms relocating to Texas – Liberty Mutual Insurance, State Farm Insurance and Toyota.

“Higher Corporate Salaries”

Besides bringing great products and leaders, these large corporations bring jobs, pay taxes and increase demand for luxury housing. The “Local Market Monitor” for national housing has discussed the “relatively stable relationship between local home prices and local salaries.” Not only does Texas have jobs, but they have very good Fortune 500 jobs.

These higher corporate salaries have translated to higher housing prices from 2015 to 2016. North Texas sales of homes reached record levels. And, the projections show that 2017 should continue the trend with “three-year home price growth projections for San Antonio at 26%, Dallas at 33% and Austin at 27%.” How can Texas continue keep this economy booming?

“Banks Complete the Circle”

The final “piece to the puzzle” is cheap capital. NexBank is excited to help Texas continue its attractive productive atmosphere. The state is not only business-friendly, but job-friendly and homeowner-friendly. The sky is the limit, led by the Fortune 500 firms who now call Texas, their “home sweet home.”