EOS Lip Balms Come in Delectable Flavors with Moisturizing Properties

The team behind Evolution of Smooth decided to use a unique marketing strategy when launching their lip balm. Rather than targeting the entire general public, they chose to focus primarily on young women between the ages of 25 and 35. To fully understand the type of beauty products women in this group preferred, the team… Read More »

Vincent Parascandola:An Award-Winning Financial Professional

Vincent Parascandola is an experienced financial services professional. He has been working in the industry since 1987 when he was hired as an agent by Prudential. His work was so exceptional, the company voted him National Rookie of the Year. After 3 years with Prudential, he left to take a position with MONY Life Insurance… Read More »

New And Natural EOS

EOS is a new lip balm product coming up in the lip care section of the beauty department. When Sanjiv Mehra noticed that the lip care section was dated and hasn’t changed much. That’s when EOS was created, refer to frenchtribune.com.   Mehra went and did research and surveys to find out what people didn’t… Read More »

EOS Flavored Lip Balm

There are a lot of things you may be looking for in your lip balm. EOS lip balm is a great place to start because there are several different flavors and there are several reasons you might want to get some EOS Lip Balms, view here.   Strawberry One of the most popular flavors is… Read More »

3 Main Types of Health Screening

Lifeline Screening is a service that provides preventative screening measure to catch health conditions before they become serious problems. All of their ultrasounds and EKGs are painless, non-invasive processes that help with early detections of various health conditions. Our procedures are easy and affordable, involving little preparation or inconvenience for the patient and learn more… Read More »

The Rise Of The Sensual Titan: Honey Birdette Expands!

There’s something magical about a glass of champagne in the right circumstances. It can seal a marriage, broker a business deal, and sometimes it can create a legend. In 2006 two friends were sitting sharing a glass of this very beverage discussing the failings of the current fashion industry, and how delicious and provocative lingerie… Read More »

Get Reliable Banking Services Features

NexBank services allows their customers to save more money than ever before with integrated banking features. They have been serving the local Dallas, Texas area for over 60+ years. Their President and CEO, John Holt, spoke at a Texas Financial Annual Association Opportunities Conference and emphasized that his personalized customers will receive improved services. NexBank… Read More »

Goettl Reveals the Secrets to Energy Efficiency

(Goettl’s Tell All Secrets to Staying Energy Efficient This Summer)     Recently the highly regarded HVAC company Goettl gave The Bro Talk the secrets to keeping your summer time utility bills as low as possible while still remaining comfortable.   The main key is to have a high quality, high efficiency air conditioning unit… Read More »

Thor Halvorssen an Activist Opposed to Oppression

Thor Halvorssen, philanthropist, activist, magazine publisher, producer of documentaries, he is Venezuelan by birth and one of the most interesting characters on the political stage today. As an activist, he is opposed to the oppression of any form and does not care from which side of the political spectrum it occurs. He was and is… Read More »