Wengie Hair Video

By | March 21, 2017

Wengie has certainly made a very impressive name for herself on YouTube. In fact, the Wengie channel is one of the most popular channels on the YouTube site. The channel attracts millions of views and has million of followers. The creator of the channel is a marketing genius. In fact, she left a successful marketing career to devote all her time to making videos on YouTube about various beauty topics. Wengie states that she never imagined that her videos would explode and attract so many viewers. One of her favorite topics is hair.


Australia’s Top Asian Beauty Channel

The Australian-Chinese Beauty Blogger and YouTube star shares a lot of wonderful information in this YouTube video about bleaching your hair without damaging your hair. Bleaching is a quick way of lightening the hair and getting that sun streaked look or something that is a bit more dramatic. Bleaching is dramatic and it probably looks great. However, most of us are still concerned about damaging the hair. Take a look at Wengie’s Blue Hair Bleaching Tutorial for some interesting tips about bleaching without damaging your hair. In this video, Wengie shares her hair bleaching stories, while wearing the coolest kind of pastel blue hair color.


The Video

The video is just a bit over eight minutes long. Therefore, it is an easy video to sit down and watch during a break at work or any time that you are in the mood to learn some interesting facts about bleaching without damaging your hair. The blue hair color actually looks very good on Wengie. This is a cute, but really edgy look that a lot of girls and guys are probably interested in recreating for their own personal look. Make sure that you check out this interesting video for more details.


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