Vegan friendly lip balm!

By | November 10, 2017

I received this EOS lip balm as a gift a couple weeks ago. My mom is very supportive of my decision to live a vegan lifestyle and is always on the look for cool new products to try.

For starters, I am a lip balm snob. There are certain brands and flavors that i love and rarely do I stray from these. I previously tried the original EOS eggs (as we’ll call it). I wasn’t a big fan. The beeswax gave it a weird, thick texture that I didn’t like on my lips. I used the one I had a few times before it was lost and never to be seen again. You know how it goes with things like that. I never cared to replace it and buy a new pack. Click this for more info,

Read review here for more info,

However, the EOS crystal lip balm is my new favorite! I love the way it goes on so smooth and it only takes one swipe to get good coverage. I have grown to love the design too. I now understand how wonderful it is to not deal with the twisty bottom part of a tube, hurry and check this out! My EOS egg never accidentally screws itself out and gets stuck in the top of the lid. It’s always ready to go and the shape just wears down as you use it. Very simple!

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