Ushealth Group Modernizing Insurance

By | March 25, 2017

USHEALTH Group, Inc previously known as Ascent Assurance, Inc is an American company that provides a wide range of individual health insurance products including, life policies, health insurance, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance, dental covers and fixed indemnity medical insurance among other related products to entrepreneurs. It has an employee base of between 500 to 1000 employees.

USHEALTH Group insurance has been in the health insurance industry for over 50 years proving to be America’s choice in protecting families by providing reliable, reasonably priced and innovative plans through its subsidiary companies. They do this with a mission of Helping Other People Everyday acronym as “HOPE”. USHEALTH Group, Inc distributes its products through agents who are contracted by the management through a process that is just and reliable. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and is parent to Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company.

USHEALTH advisors is a child company charged with guiding clients to ensure that they get unmatched experience in insurance and get the right products to meet their needs during this era of multifaceted health insurance products. The USHEALTH advisors act through agents who are licensed and reliable and have been trained to meet required standards to advise and sell insurance products. What makes USHEALTH advisors unique is their specifically tailored attention that they offer to clients and this has contributed immensely to their growth in market share in the recent past.

USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries work with two basic guiding principles one being that every customer has unique needs and that one general product to meet all these needs might not exist. With this, they have innovatively come up with a boutique of products to ensure that each client has options to pick from in a bid to satisfy their unique needs. These products have also been reasonably priced and made readily available. This has made the group to receive several recognitions; one for their customer care with provides experience to customers that is next to non other. They have also received an elite ranking for customer service in America and ranked top notch in 50 North American Call Center in 2013 and highest ranking with Better Business Bureau.

Recently, the group also received honors in the esteemed One Planet Awards as the winners of Company of the Year under the category Accounting, Banking, Financial and Insurance. The Awards is given to appreciate business and professional radiance in different industry from around the world. The company’s President and CEO, Troy McQuagge spoke during the award, acknowledging that it was overwhelming to be recognized one of the winners of the award. He confesses that it demonstrates that excellence in business doesn’t just come, it is earned.

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