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By | October 27, 2016

Town Residential is a residential brokerage founded in the year 2010. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger who has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company since it started operating. Town Residence has been experiencing rapid growth. Just recently, the company announces that it will be opening another office in the meatpacking district. Since the company started operations six years ago, it has opened ten offices in Manhattan. In the new office, the brokers are expected to take their clients to the High Line to make appointments. The new office will also bring easy access to the customers.


Town Residential has been making super deals. It has leased a 1,100 square-feet space; an entire second floor of 446 W. 14th ST. The leasing deal was to last for 15 years. The leased spaced has 16-foot ceilings and the party who has leased the space also has access to the private deck on top of the three-storey building. According to the Andrew Heiberger, the building is an icon of the Town Residence Brand. The rented space is also designed to charm the brokers in the residential industry as well.


The building has e set aside for brokerage center for high-end sales.

One of the key thing that differentiates the Town Residence from other brokerage firms in the market is that Town Residence provides an outdoor space for brokers where they can meet and interact and also share ideas. Agents can also use the space to meet with their clients and carry out business. This has made Town Resident standout as one of the most classy and exclusive brokerage firm in the industry.


According to Andrew Heiberger, the boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram that concentrates on sales in the West Village will join Town Residence and move to the new Meatpacking District branch. The new spaces are also expected to hold even the Town Resident small office, which is located at 45 Horatio St. in the west village. The area in which the building is located has become the heart of the city’s most beautiful residential neighborhoods. The area has been growing daily having more and more condo buildings being built in the park.


According to Heiberger, the area has the most beautiful neighborhood in the region, and the office’s building stands in the middle of the neighborhood. Heiberger also said that the Town Resident’s staff would take care of the markets from TriBeCa up to Hudson Yards. A few months ago, Town Resident had opened a new office in another high profile location. The office serves as the company’s headquarters. The location is Greenwich Village east of Union Square. Town Resident parent investor owns the building; Thor Equities.


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