Tony Petrello’s Leadership Allows Board Of Directors Pivoting Opportunity For Company Compensation Strategy

By | April 14, 2017

Anthony (Tony) Petrello became Nabors Industries LTD Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Since then the company has been on the cutting-edge of transforming the off-shore drilling industry. The company has consistently out-performed all expectations for stakeholder deliverable’s.

With an increased forward thinking vision, Tony has led Nabors Industries LTD in an innovative and ground-breaking direction. The company leads the industry with the highest amount of fleets of land-based drilling rigs. They currently have an estimated 500 rigs throughout 25 countries, making them the most sought-after land-based drilling company in the world.

This enormous success has been with the direction of Tony’s leadership to create such a prominent company within the industry. The value that Tony Petrello brings to Nabors Industries LTD has allowed the board members, and stakeholders, to continually rely on his judgment, for leading the company into the future.

Tony’s value to the company has been undeniably indispensable, earning him the 2012 most successful and well-compensated CEO in North America. The profitable success of Nabors Industries LTD provided a great opportunity in 2014, for the company to proactively restructure corporate compensation practices, supported and guided by Tony’s leadership for fairness and equity.

Tony’s leadership support and advocacy for splitting the roles of Chairman and CEO positioned the company to produce an enhanced severance and compensation package. The restructure is geared in-part to give stakeholders the right to elect high-ranking executives with a minimum of five percent state in the company.

Tony’s world-vision and leadership has provided the company a superb and pivotal opportunity for gaining a more-lucrative advantage in the industry.

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