Thor Halvorsen: The Human Rights Activist

By | May 4, 2017

From that moment when his encrypted Wickr, texts, and emails messages started flooding in his inboxes, it meant that Thor Halvorsen is not like any other clock-punching person. The 39-year-old Thor Halvorsen is the leader of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation founded in 2005. The Half-Venezuelan, Half-Norwegian is an English speaker based in New York. He was born in Caracas. He is a descendant of a Kingship family in Norway and Venezuela. His father was born in Norway in the Kings counsel during World War II. When the German merchant was after killing then in Norway, he diverted the ship and headed the Venezuelan ports.

His mother also descends from Christobel Mendoza who was the first president of Venezuela. For Thor, individual rights and human rights is not an option. For him, human rights should be discussed in any round table where people talk about critical matters concerning society. He has a theoretical knowledge of this subject. When he exposed the corruption of the Venezuelan government, his father was tortured in prison. When demonstrating about the Anti-Hugo in Venezuela, his mother was shot in the leg. Leopoldo Lopez, his first cousin, is currently in a political prison after perpetuating a challenge against the government. Thor spends much of his time thinking alongside sad-sack activists, unlike many human rights rackets. He keeps his mouth from uttering disorienting words.

According to Thor, his love for the people means he can lay don his life for them. He loves the defectors and dissidents most. He loves those who expose the trouble in states and government oppression. The whistleblowers are among his best friends. Thor appointed Havel Vaclav to serve as the president and chairman if the Human Rights Foundation until 2011 when he died. This was not a formal title. He replaced his seat with Guru Kasparov. Kasparov is a Russian freedom fighter and human rights activist. While protesting the guilty verdict of Pussy Riot, he was repeatedly punched and carried out by the Russian police. For the course of his actions, Thor himself has been beaten blue-and-black. He had himself assaulted at a Buddhist Church in 2010.

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