The Traveling Vineyard Can Put You in Business Right Away

By | September 30, 2017

If you are a wine lover, you can translate your passion into a home based business and make some extra money, or even make it into a full-time endeavor. The Traveling Vineyard has a home party theme that works very well.

You find someone among your friends and acquaintances who would like to host a wine-tasting party and for their effort they receive five bottles of good wine. Who doesn’t like a wine-tasting party anyway. Along with the tasting part of the event there comes with it a basic lesson in sommology, which is the process of pairing various wines with types of meals. Usually enough people order a bottle or two to make it a profitable evening for you as the Wine Guide, as The Traveling Vineyard calls their agents.

The Traveling Vineyard was started in 2001, had a few years of success, but dwindled for a few years. Revived under new ownership, the company has taken center stage in the wind home party circuit and provides a very viable way for people to get into business work at their own pace.

The cost to get involved as a Wine Guide is very low when compared to other similar businesses. For just $174 a person can launch into a fun and profitable business where they can be part-time or later full time if they wish to parlay their time and talents into a full-blown effort.

With the getting-started price comes the Success Kit which contains two tasting sets, wine glasses, openers, order forms, educational cards for somnology, brochures and marketing materials. You can even get your own personal website free for the first three months, and then you pay $15.95 per month. Once people are exposed to the wine from the Traveling Vineyard, they can order directly from you online from your website.

Wine Guides can earn commissions anywhere from 15 percent to 35 percent on wine sales, depending on the level you have achieved in the business. You can suggest to others that they join and if they sign up, you get a commission on their sales.

There are four methods of income that can be derived from being a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard. First of all there are the home tasting parties, where the average sales run from $400 to $600. Then sales can be made online from your website, and thirdly there is the Monthly Wine Club where customers can join and get wine at a discount. Finally, you can build a team of other Wine guides where you receive compensation from that.

The Traveling Vineyard is certainly a viable company worth considering for any would-be home-based entrepreneur for people who love to mingle and promote a good product like wine. After all, who doesn’t like wine?

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