The Initial Inspiration Behind Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble Bizz App

By | January 13, 2018

Bumble Bizz is perhaps the most crucial apps that Whitney Wolfe Herd has designed. One of the crucial parts of the app is that women are able to find opportunities that are very suited to them and are lucrative. Therefore, women are able to make the type of life they want while avoiding certain issues that are common in the workplace. One thing that can be said for the Bumble Group is that it is a very innovative group in multiple aspects of life which include dating, friendships and business. Women are able to swipe on their phone looking for prospects that are going to improve their lives.

One thing that has inspired Whitney Wolfe Herd to develop the Bizz extension of her app is that she has seen that people are already using the dating and friendship apps for networking. Therefore, she has seen that there is a market for networking apps for women. Therefore, she has taken some of the same principles that are used with Bumble and applied it to her networking app with the name of Bizz. This has given women the opportunity to connect with one another to find opportunities or even create opportunities.

One thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has done was inspire women with the simple act of building apps for various aspects of life. She has a deep understanding of life and what is important to people. She has seen how important different types of relationships are to people. One of the best thing about Bizz is that all types of women that are looking for all types of positions can use this app. Women who want to start a business or work for themselves are able to find business partners.

One thing that makes Whitney Wolfe Herd a successful entrepreneur is that she is very observant about the world around her. She looks at society and finds inspiration. She uses her inspiration in order to be creative in what she is pursuing. She is also willing to accept help and input from people who are willing to provide it and strengthen her business.

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