Susan McGalla Uses Her Business Skills In Order To Influence Industries

By | March 9, 2017

Susan McGalla is someone who has a lot of good business skills that are helpful towards her making the needed profits in order to get her business to higher levels of success. One of the industries that she has had a lot of influence in is the fashion industry. She has used her own form of marketing in order to get people to buy products from American Eagle Outfitters. As a result, the business she has worked for has grown in order to include more lines of clothing. She has grown the company in order to include clothing for women and children.


Susan is not only passionate, but she is also very friendly. After all, it takes friendliness to get people to buy products. One also has to be sympathetic to a cause that the customer is passionate about. Susan McGalla knows what audience she wants to reach. She also knows how to reach the audience so that they will be willing to buy the products. For one thing, she understands that it is not just the product, but also the purpose behind the product. Therefore, she does everything she can in order to address the purpose to the customer so that they will be encouraged to buy the product.


Susan McGalla currently works with the Pittsburg Steelers with her marketing firm. It is the people with the marketing skills that are going to make a huge impact in business. With marketing, it is simply enough to make people aware of the company and the products that are being offered. However, there is an extra art that Susan McGalla applies to her marketing in order to connect with people who are very interested in the type of life that could come with products like what is being offered from Susan McGalla’s company.

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