Stem cell treatment in lung institute

By | February 16, 2017

Our aim at lung institute is to treat and improve the quality of life for those majorly suffering from lung diseases. At Lung Institute we offers stem cell treatment for various major lung conditions which includes; emphysema, chronic bronchitis and pulmonary fibrosis disease. With the knowledge of plasticity we are able to treat the above named disease.

We use a complete natural method of healing. First blood is removed from the patient or the bone marrow to extract the stem cells that are separated in the lab and returned to the patient intravenously

The Lung Institute uses the patients stem cells, these stem cells are removed from one of the following tissues:

Human stem cells especially those for adults can disintegrate to form many types of differentiated cells. So when deposited back, they can promote the healing of lung tissue leading to recovery lung function normality.

With our world class facility we have the best recognized doctors in the globally performing transplants deploying autologous stem cell to improve healing of damaged tissues. Over the years our doctors have developed quality of care and safety of our patient which has been our greatest priorities in conducting our duties. A more detailed info on stem cell treatment can be found on

Experiencing hard times when breathing? Having chronic disease Come tour hospitals or use call toll free number and we will help you breathe easier and continue your chores more easily than ever before. We are committed to offer our patient the best treatment to our patient ,we understand every patient is unique so every patient is treated unique in line with the disease he is suffering from.

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