Rocketship Education is Transformative by Its Very Nature

By | November 1, 2017

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that are located in low-income neighborhoods where there is a shortage of quality schools for students to attend. Rocketship Education is a community project that includes teachers, students, parents and communities. It empowers the best qualities of each party so that the whole becomes more than its separate parts.

Rocketship becomes a true partnership between its elements. Parents have the opportunity to really participate in many ways. They can help in the classroom and they can be instrumental in the planning and structural aspect of the charter schools. Parental input and participation are key in the whole process.

Excellent in teaching is also a big priority as teachers have ongoing challenges on daily basis to help fuel each teacher’s career path in the long run. Teachers can be assured that their goals and aspirations will be met as they move along their own path to ultimate growth.

Rocketship Education believes that each student has the potential to become more than anyone can imagine. This is illustrated very clearly in the test scores that students are able to attain upon graduation from Rocketship which puts them one to two years ahead of public school students in their area.

Rocketship uses a form of learning called “Blended Learning.” It uses a traditional classroom setting blended with digital learning and then one-on-one tutoring. The classroom is more of a generalized session to key in on major principles to be studied. The digital portion is better for rote learning such as math, language conjugation, history facts, and so forth. The individual tutoring helps students with learning skills on specific areas where they might be having trouble and time can be spent in conquering those issues.

Every student learns differently at different paces, and rather than have students fall behind in one area and stay there, the individualization approach separates the parts and helps the student concentrate on those portions that are the problem.

The students are then engaged in a truly personalized learning program that helps them to master the subjects so they can actually be used, not just be there for the sake of just learning them.

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