Revisiting the Journey of Financial Expert and Investor Paul Mampilly

By | February 10, 2018

A number of weeks past, an online media outlet published an interview of Mr. Paul Mampilly, the Founder, and Editor of the Profits Unlimited newsletter in which they sought to know a number of things about his personal and professional life. The article began with a short biography of Mr. Mampilly breaking down how he began his career in the financial world on Wall Street as an assistant portfolio manager more than 27 years ago. Due to his diligence and good work, Paul quickly rose up the ranks to serve in significant positions at prominent financial services business organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank where one of his responsibilities was to manage client accounts worth several millions of dollars.

12 years ago, the proprietors of Kinetic Asset Management, a financial services provider which was worth more than $6 billion at the time heard of Mr. Paul Mampilliy’s success at the marketplace and wanted a piece of it and therefore hired him giving him the huge responsibilities of managing their hedge fund. With Mr. Mampilly at the helm, Kinetic Asset Management’s assets rapidly shot up to $25 billion while at the same time averaging more than 25% in year on year returns. This is one of the reasons why Barron’s named Kinetic Asset Management’s hedge fund which was under the leadership of Mr. Mampilly then as one of the best hedge funds in the whole world.

As if to prove a point to the doubting Thomases of how good he really is in the financial marketplace, Paul Mampilly gladly accepted an invitation in which he was to take part in a prestigious investment competition which had been organized by the Templeton Foundation. He was given a starting investment worth $50 million which Mr. Mampilly almost doubled in a single year to report a return of more than $38 million which means he grew the investment to more than $88 million by the close of one year. The icing on the cake is that Mr. Mampilly managed to make all this money while the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 was in full gear.

After several years on Wall Street making top dollar for the super-rich, Mr. Paul Mampilly decided to call it quits so that he could spend more quality time with his family and hence retired though he is still an investor. He now spends his time helping Main Street investors maximize value on their investments through his publications Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

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