Party Planning From a Professionals Eye

By | July 11, 2016

Lauren Conrad is planning your next event and it will be awesome. As long as you follow her tips on entertaining, your marriage just might improve. She has conquered the fashion on many levels and has used her publishing business to promote her 9 books. She also has over 10 million viewers throughout Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Lauren has recently launched The Little Market, which is an online retailer and her newest book Celebrate. Many believe that she will be the next Martha Stewart.

Regardless if she is the next Martha or not, her party tips will make you a happy hostess. The key is to not worry about a perfect party and just have fun. She has learned how to put others at ease from her husband, William Tell. Her husband has always preferred easier themes and doesn’t enjoy asking people to go out of their way. They often do a birthday hoedown, which consists of people wearing cutoff jeans and plaid shirts. She is learning how to compromise with her husband. Lauren and her husband didn’t see eye to eye on collectibles either. She has a nice collection of teacups that she enjoys displaying in her dining room. Her husband has never understood why she likes the cups so much. She admits, that she doesn’t enjoy his passion for guitars either.

Twenty Three Layers, a group of event planners in NYC, offers event services that will help any party turn out perfect. They offer every service needed and focus on customer satisfaction. A few of their services include catering, venue selection, production, floral design, photography, lighting, entertainment, branding, custom printing and styling. They also offer a nice assortment of workshops for those interested in learning about creating the perfect party or get together.

Twenty Three Layers is located in New York, New York and can be reached by phone. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you would like to receive some additional information from them or have any questions, they can also be reached by email.