New Vegan Crystal Flavors by EOS Lip Balm

By | November 14, 2017

EOS, Evolution of Smooth, has boldly entered the marketing arena of lip balm, and revolutionized it in just a few short years. This product took the market by storm because of its innovative shape. The creators of EOS wanted to engage all five senses giving consumers something other than the clinical smelling, cylindrical lip balm options previously available.

This more aesthetic approach promotes an emotional connection with the buyer. It is not by chance that the tag line of the EOS commercials say “the lip balm that makes you smile”, see also The Evolution of Smooth is not just another treatment for lips, it is an emotional connection with the product, and is not perceived as just another commodity. When the product it used, the buyer experiences the product in all five senses from the smooth roundness of the container, the smell, as well as taste of the flavors, to the click the container makes when closing.

Another reason the Evolution of Smooth products make consumers smile is the price. At around $3 per container, they are competitively priced with other lip balms on the market. But one of the most praised characteristics of the lip balm is that the product is completely organic, read more here.

Now, Evolution of Smooth has evolved even more. EOS has a new line of vegan crystal f flavors. Reportedly stores cannot keep stocked the two new vegan crystal flavors. Consumers are purchasing the Hibiscus Peach and Orchard Vanilla flavors so that the shelves in stores can barely be kept stocked.

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Evolution of smooth has wax-free ingredients such as coconut and Shea, as well as other natural oils. With an organic and vegan competitively priced lip balm available that engages the senses, is it any wonder that Twitter users reported the vegan flavors were an instant best seller?

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