Myths Or The Truth

By | May 15, 2017

Sometimes, you might believe something that just isn’t quite true. These myths could be related to everything from your hair to your makeup. Many of these myths are things that you’re friends or your parents have told you in life that you shouldn’t have been told in the first place.


One of the common myths is that if you shave your hair on your legs or your arms, it will grow back thicker. Shaving simply cuts out the thinnest parts of the hair in the tapered point, making it grow back uneven and with a choppy edge. This is why it seems like it’s thicker and why some people have to shave every other day instead of shaving every few days.


You have probably heard that you should never wake up someone who is sleepwalking. It can be disorienting for the person to be woke up while they are sleeping, but there’s nothing that you can do to harm that person. Sometimes, you might be saving the person from being harmed, especially if they have a tendency to go outside. You’ll also find at times that it’s more dangerous for the person who wakes up the sleepwalker if the sleepwalker begins to hit the other person.


There are people who have always said that if you use more of the brain, then you can have some kind of supernatural power. This isn’t true. You might gain more knowledge, but the idea of having super powers just isn’t there as you probably already use as much of the brain as possible during the day.

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