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“Margarita Howard: A Pinnacle of Success in Government Contracting”

As the President, CEO, and sole owner of HX5, Margarita Howard has become a formidable figure within the government contracting field. Her
leadership reflects the significant strides that women have made in an industry
once dominated by men. 

Under the stewardship of Margarita Howard, HX5 provides a wide range of services to government entities, focusing on
engineering, research and development, and information technology. Howard’s
in-depth understanding of government operations, honed by her service in the
Air Force and experience in health care management, has been pivotal in
creating a company that successfully navigates the complex terrain of government contracts. 

Despite the challenges faced by women in this field, Howard’s leadership of HX5 is
testament to what is achievable. She has managed to overcome potential biases,
navigated complex federal certifications, and competed successfully for prime
and subcontracting opportunities. In fact, HX5’s track record of securing prime
contracts is a testament to the trust and confidence that the company has
established within the industry. 

It’s essential to note the contribution of HX5’s management team to the firm’s success, a team Margarita Howard was instrumental in choosing. More than just
possessing the requisite skills and experience, the management team shares
Howard’s commitment to excellence, making HX5 a competitive and successful
enterprise. This select group has also contributed to impressive employee
retention rates, reflecting a work environment where individuals feel valued and motivated. 

Looking forward, HX5, under the guidance of Margarita Howard, is poised for strategic growth and
continues to uphold its commitment to operational excellence. As the company
strives to remain a leader in government contracting, it is worth celebrating
Howard’s contribution to diversifying the industry. Her leadership at HX5
serves as an inspiration to other women entrepreneurs, illuminating the path to
success in the demanding field of government contracting. Read this article for additional information. 


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