Lovaganza: Changing The World Of Entertainment

By | August 17, 2016

Lovaganza is prepared to present films in a 180-degree format which provides for 3D without 3D glasses. The new technique is called IMMERSCOPE, and it will be most prominently featured in the Lovaganza Saga. Currently three films are slated for release in the next several years leading to 2020. They are the first in a “trilogy of trilogies”, to appropriate terminology. Think Star Wars, but more publicly defined. It’s the goal of Lovaganza to help promote unity and brotherhood internationally through a “bohemian adventure“. The setting will be the primary theme of Lovaganza’s events, of which there will be several. Firstly, the actual main event is set to take place at eight locations across the world. Locations include America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East. Each of these places will host a four-month long event that is Lovaganza. Included in this event will be IMMERSCOPE, as well as exhibitions, technological presentations, live entertainment, and interactive events. All will be done in the name of brotherly love and cultural celebration. For a point of reference, think of yesteryear’s world fair. Lovaganza intends to do something of that ilk, but on a much more grand, technologically expansive scale.

Yahoo Finance recently issued a press release pertaining to Lovaganza, where they highlighted some of these facts on Vimeo. Additionally, they highlighted something that should have those interested in Lovaganza excited. A traveling showcase of Lovaganza’s film in the new 180-degree IMMERSCOPE technology will happen beginning next year.

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The reason Lovaganza didn’t happen last year is, in fact, technology. As it turns out, some exceptional advancements caused those putting on Lovaganza to curtail its unveiling. The website boasts a 2012 copyright, which indicates there are likely several years of planning which undergird Lovaganza stretching back even before that. By 2020, it’s likely Lovaganza’s planning and preparation will be older than a decade. That much planning and preparation must definitely produce something, and all indications at this point silhouette exceptional delivery.

It’s easy to keep track of Lovaganza’s public movements, just check their website; Lovaganza.com. Updates regarding the films, the coming Lovaganza convoy, and the entire ideal silhouetting this festive event are explored.

If the world can be brought together through entertainment and exploration of unique cultures via film, technology, and immersive entertainment, Lovaganza is set to to just that. Whatever happens in 2020, the ride to Lovaganza is going to be full of intrigue and hope.

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.