Lori Senecal Outstanding Role in Her Company

By | September 18, 2017

Since Lori Senecal became the CEO of the company known as the CP+B in 2015, she has assisted in boosting the revenue by 21% through pushing risk-taking. She is quoted saying that creativity is not just a talent but rather a behavior. The following recent campaigns embody her approach:

The first is the Kraft Mac and Cheese. When artificial ingredients from its recipe were removed by Kraft in 2015, CP+B highly advised against its promotion for the fear that it could alienate parents of the finicky kids. Later, after the sale of 50 million boxes, a campaign was copped to the change. The story created over a billion free impressions of media and Stephen Colbert dedicated a monologue to it.

Secondly, is the Letgo. For the classified –ad app letgo, a commercialized was built by the CP+B, which is a tool that enables the users of Letgo to create slick TV-style spots for all the used items that were being sold. Recently, the app topped 45 million downloads.

Thirdly, is NBA 2K. In the fall of the year 2016, there was a release by 2k of the latest installment basketball video game the NBA 2K. CP+B utilized the Fitbit so that it would take it beyond the screen by inviting the players to link their Fitbit account to their NBA 2k profiles and enabling them to enhance their virtual character’s abilities solely based on the number of real-world steps that they take.

In the current role of Lori as the world CEO for CP+B, she oversees the CP+B’s global expansion and growth, manages the coordination of the nine international offices of the firm and highly focuses on the continued global development of the agency. According to Fast Company, since she joined the Agency in 2015, Senecal has made a remarkable impact on both the culture and the business of CP+B creating a highly modern global agency which is agile, inventive and collaborative and offering consistency globally with a very strong local flair in the market. Her leadership and her great focus on talent have fueled the development and growth of the agency across geographies and disciplines. Lori was in 2016 named among the only 4 “Agency Executives to Watch.” Follow Lori on Twitter.


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