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By | January 20, 2018

Securus Technology Solution For Crime Prevention


Securus Technologies, a popular correctional call provider, exceeds the recent reports of technology to reduce crime. Business News online has did a recent report on their new wireless containment program while speaking to their CEO, Rick A. Smith. He would like to use his technology to take the prevention of crime beyond incarceration. They will continue to work diligently to ensure the safety of the general public and the families they serve to stay connected with Securus Technologies. Their successful B+ rating helps them remain a trusted network over leading competitors like Global Tel-Link.


What Is Wireless Containment


Wireless containment is meant to stop the threat of illegal cellphone use in a facility. They ensure the threat of illegal cellphone use is handled remotely and never has to disrupt the facility. Their mission is to add additional security measures to a correctional facility as well as protect the inmates. The technology is currently set to be released at select participating correctional facilities. You never have to worry about an inmate network that doesn’t put the needs of the customers first with Securus. Join their trusted network of users today.


Preferred Securus Technology


Remote Visits


Visit your friends or love ones over the internet for up to 1 hour. You need to download their visiting application and have an inmates state issued id. You will no longer have to go through those uncomfortable yet, necessary searches to visit an inmate.


Prepaid Services


Prepaid services give you many calling features in advance. Don’t spend your time or money trying to locate an inmate call authorized agent with Securus prepaid features. Customers have all their features at their fingertips over the internet.


Join the trusted Securus Technologies family today.


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