How Jason Hope is Embracing the Rise of Connective Technology

By | October 9, 2017

Jason Hope has become the champion behind the concept known as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a rapidly expanding idea that pursues the concept of the internet becoming the connective tissue between all of our objects in day to day life and how we interact with them personally. The Internet of Things according to Jason Hope, offers one of the biggest new industries for people to take advantage of in the future. Jason Hope went to the University of Arizona and it was there that he studied the concepts that he would take with him during his ascent to becoming one of the most important IoT entrepreneurs in the world.

Knowing that the Internet of Things is the future isn’t enough as people need to know how it effects their lives in order to really embrace it. Jason Hope points to several huge industry titans to show how the IoT has become a difference maker. First he points to the work being done by grocery store super giant Kroger and how they are using Internet of Things technology in order to temperature control every aspect of their store, including their freezers. This control, offered through IoT technology, helps to prevent waste while improving the quality of the product that Kroger is offering to their customers.

Hope is realistic when discussing the Internet of Things because he knows it hasn’t gone global yet. Hope says, ” Right now, the IoT is really just a catch phrase for a new and interesting technology option.” Hope goes on to say, however, that, “Soon the Internet of Things, and connectivity in general, is going to be so common place we also won’t think about it.” For more info about us: click here.

Jason Hope has become a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur in an industry that is flooded with them. So how does Jason Hope stay ahead of his competition in order to continually offer new insight into an over-saturated industry? Well, he does it by focusing on cutting edge technology and that is a huge reason he is known as a successful futurist. Hope is right now also focused on donating to the SENS Foundation which is a research company focused on age defying advancements including regenerative medication. As Hope goes technology typically follows and that just proves how effective he is at his job. For Hope the future is now and everyone else is just catching up.

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