How Companies can Rebuild their Reputation with The Search Fixers

By | July 28, 2016


Having a bad online reputation can cost a company a lot of money. In some situations, the cost of fixing a bad reputation can be up to millions of dollars since undoing a damaged reputation is quite difficult. United Airlines is an example of a company that damaged its reputation, and they had to spend 180 million dollars to fix it. The image of the company was tarnished when a famous musician, David Caroll, was on board and saw his guitar being thrown around the loading zone. He tried to seek for compensation, but he was unsuccessful. He, therefore, decided to write “United Breaks Guitars,” which was a song about his experience on the airline. The song became a hit and got more than 15 million views on YouTube. The reputation of the firm was damaged, and this led to a ten percent drop in stocks of the company within a few weeks.

The type of online review that a business receives substantially influences its profits. Good reviews lead to more profits while bad reviews lead to losses. The online reputation of the company can be repaired by showing social responsibility through helping to develop communities. The firm, however, has to know the cause of the damage to fix it. The product and services of the company should be at their best quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Employees should also be motivated for them to love their workplace and serve the customers an appropriate manner.

The Search Fixers is one of the best companies that can help fix bad reviews. The firm creates good online reputations for various organizations that help them in getting the clientele that they desire. Search Fixers as a company is readily available, and its services are fast, inexpensive and are designed to suit budgets of different businesses.

The Search Fixers is a competent company of reputation management consultants, and one of its departments is social media management. The firm creates and runs social media accounts for various organizations in a way that is designed to fix bad search results. Proper social media management is not easy and therefore, it requires experts. The Search Fixers also provide search engine optimization that enables positive news about the company to be viewed fast for online reputation management.

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