How ClassDojo Is Changing The Modern-Day Classroom

By | September 17, 2017

In the internet age, educators and curriculum developers are tapping into digital technologies to enhance the learning experience. A lot of apps have come up to ensure that students enjoy the process of learning. ClassDojo is an excellent example of available digital platforms that are trying to simplify the learning process and at the same time making it enjoyable.

ClassDojo is an app that facilitates communication in the classroom. For students to achieve success in their studies, parents, and teachers have to come together and identify ways in which they can enhance their student’s learning experience. We are going into an era where every student requires personalized training given their unique talents and skills.

ClassDojo is an app that is committed to changing the classroom dynamics. Many of times, teachers are unable to offer practical training to their students because of a lapse in communication between the educators and parents.

The application simplifies communication between parents and teachers. Tutors who’ve embraced the technology can attest to how the app has simplified their work. When a teacher gets into a classroom every morning, the app enables them to see notifications from parents on which students are likely to miss class that day. The parents, on the other hand, can get information from the school on upcoming events.

For the short time that ClassDojo has been up, the application has already recorded several milestones. It has been translated into 35 local dialects and reaches over 10 million kids every day. According to a recent survey, the behavioral-management app helps increase a student’s positivity to classwork and self-control. At the moment, ClassDojo is one of the most valued apps in the education sector having been valued at $100 million by Forbes. According to the CEO of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, the application is expected to record even more growth in the coming days as more tutors warm up to it.

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