Fabletics and The Power of the Crowd

By | November 14, 2017

Technology has changed the way the world does business in 2017. Online shopping has led to “etail” businesses that do not have a brick and mortar foundation. These retail stores are strictly online. Shoppers have everything at their fingertips and companies must change the way they interact with customers. Along with the new online shopping experience, another phenomena is the influence of the crowd. As consumers purchase online, they are also able to post comments, reviews and even pictures of what they bought. Stores like Fabletics, has recognized the power of the crowd and how to let it work for their brand.


Consumers today are savvy internet users and more often than not, they research a store or a product before buying it. They scan reviews and likes/dislikes to gain inside information that will help them ultimately make a decision. Fabletics understood this trend early on and has tailored their website to encourage reviews and crowd impression. Fabletics is leveraging the crowd source to sell product and to keep their customers coming back for more.


In today’s marketplace, shoppers value the opinions of other shoppers more than they trust the voracity of a commercial or a written ad. Gone are the days of subliminal messages in advertising as consumers today go straight to the review section for travel, restaurants and fashion.


The statistics back up the trend as half of those surveyed say they research a business at least once a month. 60% of customers say they read reviews regularly while a huge 60% note they are affected by a negative review to the point of not purchasing the product. As online shopping increases, consumers say that a store’s reputation plays a big part in choice and many will not shop at stores with negative reviews.


Successful stores are making their reviews more accessible to shoppers. They understand that positive reviews and comments drive sales. During last year’s holiday season, Vibe.com conducted a survey about shoppers habits online. They found that of those who researched an online store, 33% were comparing prices while over 65% were reading reviews and product information. So, reviews are more important to shoppers than even pricing!


As more research is conducted about online shoppers habits and priorities, businesses can use the information to improve their crowd source sections. The research firm L12 discovered that online stores with more reviews (Walmart, Target and Fabletics) rated higher in popular searches than those companies who did not have a heatlhy review section.


Fabletics, was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldburg, Don Ressier and Kate Hudson. The concept behind Fabletics was a new way to shop, placing an emphasis on customer focused marketing and commercials shot by Hudson on her cell phone. The success of the company has broadened their inventory to include men’s athletic wear as well as footwear and bathing suits for everyone. As Fabletics has grown, the focus on consumer centered marketing has led to a strong review portion of the website. Positive reviews drive sales and Fabletics has captailized on this philosophy.

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