EOS Lip Balm Success in the Lip Balm Market.

By | March 23, 2017

For an extended period of time, the lip balm market was prevailed by very few brands that have all been around. For many years, the brands have been unchallenged and unchanged. About seven years ago, a new brand of lip balm was established and appeared on the shelves in Walgreens and other stores with the name EOS (Evolution of Smooth). The brand became the alternative of the younger generation users and speedily took off. Currently, the brand outsells one of the skin care industry’s giant Chapstick.

The EOS lip balm was formulated and marketed by a strong team that included players from both the startup and the corporate worlds. The team having an interview with the Fast Company realized that women were the high purchasers of lip balm than men did. In most cases, women did not care about the products they were purchasing and also did not have more of brand loyalty. The clinical taste in Chapstick and the other main brands made their users to dislike them and felt that the lip balm products they used and viewed the use as being clinical.

Consequently, EOS lip balm, made an eye-catching sphere shaped product that slides on the lips in a sensual manner. Its development was experienced with a lot of care to capture the sound of the sphere’s closure and please the senses. The first major chain to put the EOS lip balm product on the shelves was Walgreens, followed by Target, then by other stores. Sephora finally produced their neutralizing lip balm.

Through the support put behind EOS by celebrities like Taylor Swift, pushed to its success though it was more due than the endorsement from a few famous personalities. The firm has an extensive combination of creative and intelligent product development, research activities and advertisement campaigns from social media, especially on Facebook. This has considerably helped the product to thrive in the market, which was widely considered off limits to anything newly established.



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