End Citizens United Came up Actively to Support Claire McCaskill in the Re-election

By | October 22, 2017

End Citizens United, a leading PAC working to control big money flow into politics, declared that it would support Senator Claire McCaskill in the upcoming re-election in Missouri. She was credited for her fights against flawed campaign finance laws that allowed big money donors a bigger say in the political system, especially Washington. Tiffany Muller, the Executive Director of ECU, described McCaskill as a fearless representative who is outspoken about the ill effects of undisclosed and uncontrolled cash flow into the campaign system. Tiffany continued that the verdict in Missouri is highly important as it is a fight between the puppets of money groups and reformers who staunchly work to give back the democracy to the people.

Senator McCaskill confirmed that Citizens United verdict of Supreme Court changed the American democracy and politics in favor of corrupted interests and influences. All Americans, including Missourians, wanted to know who are funding the ads they see on TV or other media channels. She further confirmed that she is proud to be supported by ECU and assured that she would put her best efforts to bring back accountability and transparency into the elections of the country. It should be noted that McCaskill has vociferously supported the DISCLOSE Act and other steps that are aimed to overturn the effects of Citizens United verdict.

Interestingly, the GOP candidate, Josh Hawley, is exactly opposite to what McCaskill represents as he endorsed Citizens United verdict multiple times, previously. It should be noted that a recent study showed that more than 90% of American people think that special interest groups are governing the government. Another survey conducted by ECU revealed that as many as two-thirds of American voters understood that money in politics in turning their life miserable. It also gave a rising demand for reform in campaign finance laws, especially from unaffiliated and independent voters. There are estimates that Missouri election in 2018 may become a hotbed for dark money groups and super PACs considering the probability of a tight competition.

End Citizens United was founded as a PAC fighting against big money in 2015. It wants to introduce legislation in the houses to control the unlimited money flow into politics, after electing a significant number of supporters in both the houses. The PAC plans to send maximum reform champions to the houses to introduce and pass the legislation. ECU thinks that big money is the biggest threat to the democracy of the country, and it has the power to break down the system even by external players. It supports liberal candidates who are supporting the vision of End Citizens United. Apart from endorsing candidates and raising funds, it also runs various campaigns through social media to make people aware of the threat the democracy facing.

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