Dr. Clay Siegall on the Start and Success of his Company

By | May 24, 2017

Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the fight against cancer for more than three decades and has, made a number of contributions to the way cancer patients are being treated through his research and his company – Seattle Genetics.


Seattle Genetics was founded by Dr. Clay Siegall in collaboration with another medical expert in 1998. The company is a biotech one. It is dedicated to the development of drugs as well as technology and treatment practices in order to supply oncologists with the means necessary to save the lives of their patients. Seattle Genetics consists of about two thousand experts and staff members who have been working towards a brighter future for the field of oncology and for medicine as a whole.


Dr. Clay Siegall earned a major in Zoology from The University of Maryland, and after that, he pursued a PH. D. education in Genetics from the George Washington University. After Dr. Clay Siegall completed his studies he moved on to do medical research at the esteemed Bristol – Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He received a promotion a few years after joining, but after a few more years at the Institute, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to move on to the National Institute of Health where he did further research on the many types of cancer.


In 1998 Dr. Clay Siegall started Seattle Genetics and achieved great success. He became the patent holder of more than a dozen patents. One of them is currently distributed in more than a seventy countries around the globe. The medication is called Adcetris, and it was approved by the FDA in 2011. There are a few more drugs that have been approved as well.


What made Dr. Clay Siegall focus his life on medical research against cancer was his father who had fallen sick due to cancer. The oncologists were powerless against t although chemotherapy had been started. Due to the harsh treatments his father had developed anemia and died. Dr. Clay Siegall decided at that point that he would dedicate his life to providing oncologists with the means to save other patients.

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