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NO Lather, Rinse, Repeat….

When someone says they don’t shampoo, a normal reaction is usually along the lines of ‘Ewwwwww’; but did you know there are other ways to wash your hair beside the traditional shampoos? Traditional shampoos, after all, have only been around since about the 1930’s…pretty modern advancement, all things considered. ‘No Poo’ washing promotes a safer… Read More »

Wen Gives People Incredibly Healthy Hair

Over the last several years, no-poo shampoos, or cleansing conditioners, have been gaining popularity among consumers all over the country. One of the biggest reason that people have for using them is because they do not use harsh chemicals like sulfates to clean the hair. They use natural botanical to gently rinse away dirt and… Read More »

No More Shampoo

We play havoc on our hair. We strip it, goop it, coat it, heat it, rip it, bleach it, color it, and tease it. We already live in a toxic world, so why would we want to put more toxic substances on our bodies or in our hair. Shampoo “cleans” the hair by stripping it… Read More »

Wen By Chaz Makes All Women Look Great

Wen by Chaz has been the perfect shampoo for women who are looking for something special, and they will find out that they can make their hair look more special than it ever has before. They will be able to make their hair start to get thicker, and they will get their hair to be… Read More »