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An Innovative Workforce Perception

Raj Fernando is an American entrepreneur, political donor, philanthropist, and fundraiser. He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Scouthead and the founder of Chopper Trading. Raj Fernando was a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade before founding Chopper Trading and Scouthead. Raj Fernando started his career while still in… Read More »

Ricardo Tosto: Starting from the Bottom

When it comes to business success, it is very important for people to be willing to start from the bottom. However, some people get too ambitious for their own gain. As a result, they wind up falling away from their field. Among the fields that people could either fall away or climb to the top… Read More »

Don Ressler is a Trailblazer in E-commerce

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur of repute who is associated with founding several successful start-up companies including the widely acclaimed company known as Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Ressler’s first start-up company, Fitness, was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001, and this gave him the leeway to collaborate with the then Chief Operating Officer… Read More »