Cassio Audi- A Brazilian Business Man

By | October 16, 2017

Cassio Audi has over twenty years working experience in the finance world. He has gained experience with private equity funds, startups, global organizations, public and private companies, Cassio Audi has greatly contributed to business startups over the years. He has also worked in various organizations as a leader and manager making his skill and experience highly profitable to organizations he has served.

Currently, Cassio Audi has c focused on being an investment manager. Investment managers normally deal with maintaining and organizing funds based on client’s portfolio. Client portfolios are operated and managed through consultation. Cassio Audi is a good example of a manager who can manage clients’ portfolio. However, the final decisions are made by the client.
Cassio Audi gained much of his experience by working for multinational companies and big organizations. He has expertise in in financial planning, equity management, business planning, strategic forecasting, leadership strategy, team leadership, investor relations, cross-functional team, project management and planning, business strategy and entrepreneurship skills.
Before Cassio Audi ventured in the finance world, he was a member of a musical band called Viper rock band. He was playing drums with the band until 1989. Mr. Cassio success can be traced back to his days at the musical band. He helped to compose songs for the band that becomes hits and saw them cross borders beyond Mexico. He joined the band; his contributed was felt by the band and their fans. They released several albums before he left to study. Their English songs were well received despite English being the second language. Rock music lovers embraced their songs.
Cassio Audi attended the Pontifical Catholic University where he obtained his degree in business. He later enrolled in Sa Paulo University where he successfully completed his master’s degree. His will to become a professional investment manager was driven by his dedication and passion in helping other people to manage their investment and business startups.

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