All About Drew Madden

By | December 12, 2017

Drew Madden is a leader in the field of Healthcare IT. As the medical industry evolves, the systems in place to handle information and communications must change, too. As a young man, Madden studied Industrial Engineering with a focus in Medical Systems. As an employee and entrepreneur, he has helped improve his field immensely.

Plenty of areas in the medical field have room for improvement. Innovations such as trackers worn on ID badges are great solutions. Better communications with residents could be achieved with specialized apps. Both of these solutions are cost-effective ways to improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare is changing by finding new economies of scale, too. For example, insurance giant Aetna is about to be purchased by pharmacy company CVS. This will be an amazing synergy that gives customers easy access to prescriptions. And CVS will be able to tap its nationwide network to help deliver great in-network care to patients. Nothing like this win-win would be possible without data-driven, internet-enabled solutions.

Drew Madden has a lot of experience building effective teams within the world of healthcare IT. As President of Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden helped many healthcare organizations get great results. He’s done that by helping them find ways to solve problems more efficiently. The net result is that patients get the best service possible.

Whether that’s submitting tickets for repairs, or providing managed IT and other services, Nordic finds ways to streamline processes. Making things run more smoothly also helps eliminate excessive costs. He believes that technology is a key to making sure patients have a pleasant experience and get effective care.

Madden gained his first professional experience at Cerner Corporation. He completed his degree at the University of Iowa College of Engineering. Nordic Consulting Partners experienced exponential growth on Madden’s watch. The company expanded from 10 to 725 employees when he was President.

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