Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Lists Common Mistakes Made By Novice Photographers

By | January 18, 2017

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa holds multiple positions as a treasurer, director, and president in Panama. Figueroa works for multiple companies in Panama. Figueroa is an important leader in the business community in Panama. Figueroa strives to help businesses grow, and improve economic conditions throughout the country.

Recently, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa talked about common mistakes that he notices from rookie photographers. Figueroa notes that a lot of these mistakes are made from the same small group of bugs.

Not Sharp Enough Shots
To be a successful photographer, you have to control your sharpness on The focus of the portrait should always be on the eyes. Pay close attention to the back focus. The camera will move away from the place they are targeted and look at the bottom back.

Unrealistic Colors
While unrealistic colors may be a great option, they could be a mistake if they are mishandled. Find a good monitor with color calibration. Without calibration on Facebook, your images will be blind. Printing images with natural colors will help them look strong.

Look through the viewfinder and find a framework to straighten the image. Keep the edges of your decision to keep the viewer’s gaze away from the photograph on You can create more complex compositions with different elements.

Get Closer
Make sure that you have wide angle lens. Wide angle lens work for landscapes, portraits, and other types of photography.

Analyze Contrast Exposure
The tone of the image is important. Make sure that you have standard contrast, exposure, reflexes, and black levels. The camera exposure should be perfect. Getting the proper contrast can be difficult.

Do not overuse HDR to the point where colors will not look realistic. Find a balance between realism and a quality image. It’s about finding that balance between finding the right image and running over and below.

Too Many Pictures
Take time to edit your photos until they are perfect. Do not highlight photos that do not have a high standard.

No Topic
Sometimes your photos need substance. Look to combine a great photo with an interesting topic. Try to find issues that relate to the image.

Be Creative
Photograph different scenarios and try to incorporate multiple styles. Give all of these groups a consistent look with relatable content.

Photographs Travel
Photograph where you live. Consider using the camera on your phone if you do not feel like bringing your camera everywhere.


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