A Company of Interest: Securus Technologies

By | July 11, 2017

Securus Technologies is a rather interesting company. They are not widely covered in the news due to the necessary discretion that the services they provide calls for, yet I find the work they are doing fascinating. At a high level, you can say that they are a technology company. On the more granular side, it can be said that they are the leading provider of technology services that can solve and prevent crimes as well as provide and monitor phone calls within correctional facilities.


I found the Securus Technologies’ offerings are really pretty expansive and cover a wide array of needs – from those of corrections to public safety and to law enforcement and investigators. In fact, according to an article in PR Newswire, the company’s CEO and Chairman says that they are developing a new service to help corrections or law enforcement EACH WEEK! Each of these products helps prevent or solve crimes, including inmate on inmate crime that happens within the walls of prisons.


Securus is contracted to work with over 3,000 different facilities and law enforcement divisions throughout North America and the company is continually expanding its presence and services.


The most interesting thing in the article I read were actual testimonials sourced from clients of Securus Technologies. Here are a few I found most intriguing. First, a sheriff’s department used the company’s software as an added layer of investigation and recovered over a million dollars worth of illegal assets and drugs. The sherrif’s department cited Securus Technologies as a major contributor in that case and said in some cases solving them would be impossible without that technology.


Another interesting comment in the article shared how the technology enabled them to obtain a search warrant from information gathered from a series of monitored phone calls that resulted in arresting a corrupt staff member.


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