3 Main Types of Health Screening

By | June 6, 2017

Lifeline Screening is a service that provides preventative screening measure to catch health conditions before they become serious problems. All of their ultrasounds and EKGs are painless, non-invasive processes that help with early detections of various health conditions. Our procedures are easy and affordable, involving little preparation or inconvenience for the patient and learn more about Health Screening.

Lifeline offers three predominant categories of scans to help provide these preventative health services.

The first one of these types of scans is the ultrasound (also known as sonography). These scans were developed in the 1940s and locate objects submerged deeper in the body and are normally used to find things that are wrong with someone in the obstetrics, ophthalmology and cardiology. Ultrasounds are noninvasive and painless procedures for the patients. Ultrasounds at Lifeline provide scans like abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, carotid artery disease screening, scans for peripheral artery disease, and bone mineral density screening.

The second types of tests that are offered at Lifeline are the finger stick blood tests. The finger is simply stuck with a needle to draw just a few drops of blood to do tests to determine if signs of certain conditions are present. These tests that Lifeline offers are FDA-approved ways to determine if certain “red flags” of health conditions exist. Some of the tests done by finger sticks include complete lipid panel testing (measures total cholesterol), glucose level screening (diabetes), and elevated liver enzymes and more information click here.

Finally, there are limited electrocardiographs that detect conditions like defibrillation also known as an irregular heartbeat or someone having a heart arrhythmia that significantly increases the risk of things like strokes. EKG electrode tests are quick and non-invasive and don’t even require any preparation or even removal of clothing to begin the testing and Lifeline Health’s lacrosse camp.

These are the noninvasive screening procedures that Lifeline Health can provide to help determine if you need further treatment or have any health risks that could get more serious in the future.

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