Monthly Archives: October 2017

Cassio Audi- A Brazilian Business Man

Cassio Audi has over twenty years working experience in the finance world. He has gained experience with private equity funds, startups, global organizations, public and private companies, Cassio Audi has greatly contributed to business startups over the years. He has also worked in various organizations as a leader and manager making his skill and experience… Read More »

Avaaz and Its Primary Role in Promoting Global Activism

Avaaz is a civic organization based in the United States of America, which promotes activism globally. This organization was first established in 2007 and particularly address issues that include human rights, corruption, animal rights, climate change, conflicts, and poverty among others. Avaaz has emerged as the world’s prominent and powerful online based network of activists.… Read More »

Norman Pattiz’s Involvement in the Corporate World

Norman Pattiz has been on the forefront of introducing a new mobile software that is meant to simplify communication between hosts and listeners. The application will make things easier by enhancing 360-degree recordings among other social functions. The app will be made available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and PodcastOne’s website. Users will get… Read More »