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Dressing Well is Important Even Under the White Coat

Being in business means people have a particular dress code. The same goes for individuals who work in laboratories and hospitals. Medical professionals usually work in white lab coats, and people would think that this kind of clothing puts a restriction on any way they could personalize their clothes. Dr. Akhil Reddy works in dentistry,… Read More »

Avaaz – Non-Profit Civic Organization

Avaaz is an association headquartered in the United States that works towards overall activism while specializing in issues like human rights and changes within the environment and political structure. Avaaz is encircled from a variation of the Persian word that connotes “voice.” Res Publica set up, which is a gathering of open territory specialists… Read More »

Lori Senecal Outstanding Role in Her Company

Since Lori Senecal became the CEO of the company known as the CP+B in 2015, she has assisted in boosting the revenue by 21% through pushing risk-taking. She is quoted saying that creativity is not just a talent but rather a behavior. The following recent campaigns embody her approach: The first is the Kraft Mac… Read More »

How ClassDojo Is Changing The Modern-Day Classroom

In the internet age, educators and curriculum developers are tapping into digital technologies to enhance the learning experience. A lot of apps have come up to ensure that students enjoy the process of learning. ClassDojo is an excellent example of available digital platforms that are trying to simplify the learning process and at the same… Read More »

The Best Lip Balm to Hike In

There are a bunch of chapsticks and lip balms out there, making it hard to pick just one. For those outdoorsy people who like to ski, camp, hike, run, etc., it can be especially difficult. Often times, these activities are in arid areas or require lots of energy, which can deplete moisture from the lips… Read More »

Fabletics, From Online to Everywhere

When you think about exercise clothing, you probably think of a few of the most popular brands. These brands can be found in your local stores and online, but what if you want something different. You only need to look at Fabletics.   Online Fabletics started online as a subscription only company. They used this… Read More »