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The Next Generation of EOS Lip Balm for the Modern Girl!

Ever girl who loves lip balm knows about EOS, those cute, colorful balls of fruity and refreshing joy. On August 7th, 2007, US Magazine released exciting news that will change the beauty world forever ( EOS (meaning evolution of smooth) is now back with an innovation for lip balms which will revolutionize lip care. In… Read More »

Give Your Lips The Healing Agents Of EOS

Fortify your dull dry skin with the goodness of EOS lip balm products. Thousands of people love their unique ingredients and clinically tested hypoallergenic lip balms. Your lips get more than a mere coating with shea butter extracts and jojoba. You get a super-moist coating immediately from your first application which saturates deep with your… Read More »

Ricardo Tosto Knows!

Ricardo Tosto’s Favorite Bed The Plush Beds 6″ Natural Bliss Mattress is truly one of its kind as you will find it in no place else but right here on In fact, this item won’t be on sale forever, so get yours today by simply clicking online to order and have it shipped to… Read More »

The “Crystal” Clear Choice is EOS

In recent years, EOS has become a trusted name in the cosmetic world, known for its high quality products and distinctive round packaging. Now, they are taking their original lip balm, packaged in its fun round pod to a new and better level. For this exciting new balm, the old perfect sphere has been retired,… Read More »

Omar Yunes is the Top Franchise Owner in the World

There are many people who own franchises throughout the world. This is something that is common in nearly all countries and something that people need to compete for if they want to be able to reach that point. Because of the way that people do things, it can sometimes be hard for franchise owners to… Read More »

Contributions of lifeline screening to the health sector

Lifeline Screening was founded in 1991 with the aim of offering health screening services to the community. The company has over fifty hospitals through which it operates to provide testing services to its customers to detect any possible symptoms of heart disease or stroke. Life line Screening has profoundly contributed to the improvement of the… Read More »

José Henrique Borghi: Why Choose an Ad Agency

Are you in search of high quality advertising service in Brazil? Want to hire an experienced marketing or advertising consultant to handle your business promotions and advertising for you? Perhaps you have heard about José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian advertising agency Mullen Lowe and the outstanding services he provides. Choosing an advertising agency offers several… Read More »