Monthly Archives: October 2016

Town Residential New Offices

Town Residential is a residential brokerage founded in the year 2010. The company was founded by Andrew Heiberger who has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the company since it started operating. Town Residence has been experiencing rapid growth. Just recently, the company announces that it will be opening another office in the… Read More »

Wen By Chaz Makes All Women Look Great

Wen by Chaz has been the perfect shampoo for women who are looking for something special, and they will find out that they can make their hair look more special than it ever has before. They will be able to make their hair start to get thicker, and they will get their hair to be… Read More »

George Soros Raises his Campaign Donation Profile

In an unanticipated move, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has committed over $25 million in new campaign donations. The move is likely to ruffle feathers, especially on the opposing side of the political divide because the last time Soros spend big in politics was in 2004 when he donated over $25 million in a campaign to… Read More »

ClassDojo Creates a Community in Schools

Dianne Rhodes, popularly known as Mrs. Rhodes by her students has been using the ClassDojo application for three years now. The application is easy to use, and it has completely changed the way she teaches or communicates with the parents. The application was founded several years ago, and it connects teachers, students, and parents. According… Read More »