Monthly Archives: June 2016

NexBank Capital Sponsors The Byron Nelson

NexBank is continuing its sponsorship of the Byron Nelson in Dallas, and it is attaching its name to one of the biggest tournaments of the PGA season. Everyone who knows anything about golf knows that the Byron Nelson is a big deal, and they will be able to enjoy the tournament while seeing marketing for… Read More »

Fabletics Gets Its Feature In Marie Claire

Fabletics offers the best results for anyone who wants to dress in athleisure clothes, and it got its feature in Marie Claire at that described how it set off the athleisure movement. Everyone has athleisure today, but it all started with Fabletics and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has been the perfect person to advocate… Read More »

Common Summer Myths and How JustFab Disproves Them

Love it or hate it, but summer is here for a little while, so you might as well enjoy it. A lack of confidence is the most common reason that women dislike summer, but the right outfit can undoubtedly work its magic, and have you become a summer fanatic in no time. JustFab is an… Read More »

The Benefits Of Using Get Your Wiki

  For any business owner, it is crucial to make sure that you have a good marketing strategy. Online marketing is important for any business, nowadays. There are different parts of your online marketing strategy, and it can be good to incorporate Wikipedia into it. Additionally, it is wise for those running for office or… Read More »

Serial Entrepreneur Sanjay Shah And His Boutique Firm, Solo Capital

Solo Capital is a global firm that provides specialized financial services. It was formed by Sanjay Shah and incorporated in 2011. Solo Capital is based in London, England. The boutique firm focuses on three critical areas of its business. That includes professional sports investment that constitutes asset & performance management, commercial advisory, and talent acquisition.… Read More »